I Am Still The Same God

The Father speaks

(Sunday 5th December 2010, 12:00)

I am the God of the present. He is not old or out-dated God. I am still the same God. Many of them think I’m just God of the olden days because of what I did in the past, and that I’m not there again. I am the same God. I am the same God, that is why I never die. I am a continuous Father. I never seize living for one day. Many people don’t know. Many of them don’t know. I am the same Father that did it in the time of Abraham. I am the same Father today. I am the same Father. I will never be erased. I will never change. I am the same Father. I can do it. Nothing I can’t do. Nothing changes Me and nothing moves Me. If you want it to happen in your life, it will happen. That is why I said I will never change. The same Father in the time of old is still the same Father today. If you want it to happen in your life, it will happen. It depends on how you take it. It depends on the way you seek Me. It depends on how you apply it. It will happen. What do I want? What did I tell you before? Holiness! Holiness is what I need. It’s holiness I need, I don’t need any other thing. It’s your heart I need. When you’re holy, you’ll begin to do the things I asked you to do. Before you open your mouth, I’m there. It’s not hard. It’s not how does he do it. It’s not magic. My son, are you doing magic? It’s not magic. How does he do it? Even these words, some are looking at it like something big. It’s very simple. How does he do it? It’s very common and simple. It’s a simple thing. It’s your heart I need. The things I asked you not to do, you’re not doing them. You fear Me.

This is a white cloth; you know that if you rob it with any stain, it will be dirty. If you rob it will oil, what will happen? If you rob it with blood, what will happen? If you rob it with charcoal, what will happen? It will become dirty. If you wash it, the mark will still be there. What do you do then? You will take it far away, from where it could be stained. You wouldn’t want to go there because you know the law, you know what is good for the white cloth. I have been talking about holiness right from the beginning. I do not seize talking about it. Even in the time of old, when I told Moses to bring My children to come and see Me, I asked them to clean themselves because I am not a dirty Father. Without them cleaning themselves, I couldn’t have talked to them because I am a Holy Father. I have not seize been holy one day. I am not a dirty Father. I am a Holy Father. I have told you before and you know it. I think I know her before. Yes! Because she was inside sin, that was why I didn’t come out in time. She knew I was inside her and she was still committing sin. She was inside sin and I let her know. When she took the right decision, what happened? She said I’m not going to do this thing again; if my Father could not feed me, let me die. I was waiting for her to take the decision because I was in her right from the beginning.

When somebody was flogging you, what should you have done? Should you not have run away? But you waited there so they should continue to flog you. When you ran away, then you have your freedom. I created many of My children and I gave them many gifts. The devil knows if they keep sinning, the gift will not come out, it will be hidden. He will continue to afflict them and they too will take it like that. Then everything will perish. You cannot do two things together. You cannot continue to commit sin and do this one I asked you to do because it is a Holy work. However, when you’re in sin, it will destroy this one. When you abandon sin, this one will come out. It’s like when you plant a seed and thorns growing around it. The seed will not germinate. When you remove the thorns, the seed will germinate and take its place. That is how My children are. I planted in all of them what I wanted them to be. Where are they today? They are all perished! If somebody says he wants to nurse his own, you will begin to jealous. You will begin to give names. It’s Me you’re giving names not My son and My daughter. Any name you give them, it’s Me you’re giving names. I’m the one that will punish you, not them because they have no power of their own. It’s Me that will fight the battle. That is why I said don’t trouble yourself, whichever name they give you. Whoever says it’s not Me, let him come and meet Me. It’s Me! Then if you love it, follow the way I asked you to follow. You too will receive your blessing. If you love it, if you visit the website and you know it’s Me, then follow the step of holiness, not to condemn because the more you condemn, the more problem you’re adding to yourself. I am the One speaking. I am your Father. The more you visit there and condemn, the more problem you add to yourself. Everything that is there, it’s Me.

Nobody knows how to do it. As far you’re a human being, nobody knows how to do it. Because you’re there, We forgive you. Because you try your best, then you make it. It’s like a teacher who shares exam paper for his students. Out of ten questions, you answer almost all. They may give you 95%. Another category, you answer 4 out of 10. You get less than 40%. Another category gets there, didn’t even write his name on the paper, but submitted it like that. If you’re a teacher, which name will you give such kind of person. When they begin to give the result, the one who made no attempt said that the one who scored 95% was a teacher’s son; that the questions were revealed to him before the exam date. I saw him when he was going there, for them to reveal the question to him. Don’t mind them. You have your mouth. The mouth I give to you, is it to destroy? The mouth I give to you is not to destroy because you’ll suffer. It’s not to speak evil about anybody. It’s to do good. It’s to praise Me, not to lie. That is why I give you the tongue. What you supposed to do at the right time you didn’t do it and you’re still using your mouth to condemn somebody.

My son, if I say I should teach you about My children every day, the book you will write will be too big. I know what I’m telling you. I am a Father. I know about all of them and I can say which category each one of them belong to. I know it. At the end of the day, what are they shouting? Had I known. Oh, supposing I know, I could have done it this way or that way. If supposing I know. If supposing you know what? When you call those who are talking to you stupid. Now the stupid people are wiser than you. That is what We’re saying.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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