My Word Will Never Destroy

The Father speaks

(Saturday 12th November 2011, 00:10)

            Lord, Thy Word abideth,
            And our footsteps guideth;
            Who its truth believeth
            Light and joy receiveth.

            When our foes are near us,
            Then Thy Word doth cheer us,
            Word of consolation,
            Message of salvation.

            When the storms are o’er us,
            And dark clouds before us,
            Then its light directeth,
            And our way protecteth.

            Who can tell the pleasure,
            Who recount the treasure,
            By Thy Word imparted
            To the simple hearted?

            Word of mercy, giving
            Succor to the living;
            Word of life, supplying
            Comfort to the dying!

            O that we, discerning,
            Its most holy learning,
            Lord, may love and fear Thee,
            Evermore be near Thee!

You cannot change the word of the Father. You cannot change the word of the Almighty. His word is everlasting to everlasting. Nobody can change the word of the Father. No one can change the word of the Almighty God. The word of the Father is a living word. It is an indestructible word from everlasting to everlasting. The word can never destroy. You cannot use your memory to change it. You cannot use your qualification to change it. The word of the Father is fire. His word will never destroy from everlasting to everlasting. His word remains the same. He may use anybody to speak the word, that person will die but the word will still remain. They may remember that person, but the word remains the same. The same word the Father has been speaking, the same word He’s still speaking. Everything He speaks will come to pass. Any word the Father uses anybody to speak will come to pass. You cannot use your own knowledge to carry the word of the Father because His word is life. You must fear the word of the Father. It’s not what anybody can debate. No one debate on the word of the Father. No one debate on the word of the Creator. The word of the Father is final. If you know you’re serving the Father and the things He did before are still there (in the Bible), why are you debating on the word of the Father? Why are you dragging the word of the Father? This is not what you will drag because the examples are there. The examples of what He did before are there. He spoke the word raw; He spoke it live, and His children brought it out. You can see everything there. The record is there and it’ll never destroy. If you’re serving your Father, why can’t you go there and have the word in your memory so that the Father can teach you b Himself. Whatever you know you can’t understand, He will teach you Himself. It is a reality. There is something that is good and there is something that is bad. When you choose the good one, you’ll see the good; and when you choose the bad one, you’ll see the bad. The Father is not a partial Father. He will never be a partial Father. When He gives you a test, if you score 40 percent, He will write 40 percent there for you. He will not say because you’re too beautiful, He will not say because you have good character and write something else there. If you know you have good character and you’re giving alms, why do you score 40 percent? I know I give alms; I serve my Father; I pray every day; I am not doing evil. Why do you score 40 percent? I do not commit any sin; I’m on the right lane; I’m serving the Father. But why do you score 40 percent? The Father Himself was the one that mark the paper. You can bribe any teacher, but you can never bribe the Father. The teacher will look at you and add to your marks because you used to give him a bribe. But you cannot bribe the Almighty Father. That is why the Father is different from man. Every of His judgement is final. I told you that you cannot debate on the word of the Father. My son, tell them what the Father says and live. Even though the fire is burning them, tell them. If they don’t see it happen here, they will see it happen there because judgement will take place. As they’re there in hellfire, they will remember when you’re preaching to them. The Father is alive every day; He doesn’t travel; He doesn’t change. You can never see Him because He’s a Breeze. When people look at you they see that you’re gentle and kind; but in your heart you’re a crooked person. Is that what the Father chose? The Father wants an opened heart. My son, tell them exactly the truth and leave them. If they want to appeal, let them go and appeal with their Father and they’ll meet Me there.

You think you are holy. Who told you you’re holy! You are arguing with your Father! That is why that thing (Satan) makes them to compete with the Father. My son, whenever they mention My name, My children supposed to reverence Me. That thing gives all of them power. He’s deceiving them. Do it, you can be like Him. No one can be like the Father! He gives all of them strong heart. Whenever I’m speaking, they supposed to shake. Anywhere My name is mentioned, they supposed to reverence Me. The things I did in the time of old, I purposely did them for them to have My fear. But that thing gives all of them strong heart. You’ve tried your best; They cannot penalise you for this little one; if you do that a bit, you can do this a bit; They will not penalise you. He knows what he’s doing. When I chose My servant to preach My word, he will tell them what they did is enough; after all He will accept you at the end. He knows I hate evil! This one you did is enough; come and do this one. Then they’ll begin to do evil. He will give them boldness to do evil. When you eat, you clean your mouth. He begins to deceive them because he knows where they’re going. When I chose My children in the time of old, wherever I pushed them to, they’d go. They had the power to refuse Me. When I said they should enter the fire, they’d enter. They didn’t care because they knew the Father would rescue them. Nowadays you’ll jump to conclusion. After all, I’ve tried my best; after all I’m giving alms; after all when I see people I help them. You are judging yourself. Let Me give you exam if you’d pass. You hold evil in your hand and you don’t want to drop it. Even when the Father is shouting you’re still holding it; you don’t want to drop it. But you say you’re 100 percent holy. Oh, I’ve tried my best; I’ve done the ones I could do; I know I’m going there (Heaven) when I die. Who told you you’re going there! But when they give you an exam, you fail. Oh, why do I fail? This is the question and this is the answer you gave. You will then gnash your teeth.

My son, all of them are dancing to the same ringtone. All of them are the same thing. When My Son Jesus came, everybody ran away from Him. They rejected Him. Evil is everywhere My son. It was when He was ascending back to Me they believed in Him. It’s not an easy journey. That is why you see a father with many children; the children would die and leave their father because they chose their own way. You chose the way of holiness, but they chose the way of evil. They entered where their father would never believe. When you the father saw another man’s property, you left it; but when the children saw it, they picked it. My son, this earth is a mystery. Every word you’re telling them, those who live longer will see it here and those who do not live long will see it there. When death comes, it may take four out of five. When you die, do you think you just die like that? They will judge you and then you’ll know where you’re going. But all of you are serving the Father together. All of you are calling Jesus together. This earth is turned upside down. Many people are walking with their back, not their front. They are pursuing what they want to eat, but you’re pursuing where you want to sleep. When they see what they’ll eat, then they rest. When the time comes to sleep, they will begin to gnash their teeth. When you’re preparing the place you would sleep, they were pursuing food. As they were pursuing food, that thing was giving it to them. After they’ve eaten, they’re now looking for where to sleep. But you were in the church! Didn’t they tell you what to do? Were you not a Christian? Didn’t you have the Word? Why are you now looking for where to sleep? It’s too late. As you were pursuing food, he was giving it to you, and you knew you belong to him. That thing will usher you there because you ate his food. It was his food you were eating and you forgot about the Father. He did not create anything; he stole the ones he was given to you. The Father owns everything. But he gave it to you in a wrong way. He is a thief! He knew he was giving you in a crooked way and all of them will backfire. He knew he would catch you by the end of the day. It’s a shortcut. The lane was there for you to follow; but you were looking for a shortcut. When you woke up in the morning, you wanted to continue with your sleep; it’s a shortcut. Oh, it’s too cold; I cannot enter inside the cold; it’s a shortcut. After you finally woke up, you turned on your computer and off you went to the internet. Whenever somebody asked you what you were doing, you said you were doing business. In a twinkling of an eye, you had millions in your account because you cheated others to make money. Overnight you were driving a limousine. When others saw you, they were envious of you because you were richer than they. As you were eating the money, some people were crying because it’s their money. That person that was crying should have helped your entire generation tomorrow. But you destroyed everything. Where was your company? Because you wanted to eat; you wanted to drive your corpse. It’s a corpse My son. They are all driving their corpses. When you know your Father you’re serving, you won’t look at those kinds of people. When you look at them, they will tell you the word that will annoy you. They may even call you a poor church rat. You cannot pursue two things together. There is a time for everything. This earth is not your own. At the right time, your Father will come and take you home.

You are eating meat, but that brother drinks water every day. Both of you are alive. As you are killing a chicken to eat every day, that brother is drinking just water. Nevertheless, both of you are living. You that eat chicken everyday don’t have peace. When you’re telling them all these, they will think you’re mad. My son, nobody knows Me. When they say Father makes a way where there is no way, it’s the same Father. When He speaks His word, He will bring it to pass. Every word I speak, I will do it. Watch and see! I have settled everything My son. The story will be there. If the Father blows just one trumpet on this earth, the story will change. The story will change! When I keep quiet, they think I don’t know what I’m doing. I am not a man that will brag about what I want to do. It’s the grace I give you that makes Me repeat My word every day. When I speak, I don’t repeat Myself. I have told you before. I will do it. When I asked Noah to build an ark, it took time. It was not easy and he built it. He that was building the ark didn’t know exactly what would happen. He said let me build it and he built it. As he was building it, the Father was watching him. It was like a play. When the Father opened the mouth of the bottle, water began to gush out. When He saw it was enough, He closed the bottle again. My son, I told you that if I allow something to happen on this earth just for a day, the story will be there. The story will be there. Where are they? Where are the people? Where are their powers? He (Satan) will run away. This one that is destroying all My children around will run away. I told you he didn’t have a life of his own. He uses human being to destroy. If he doesn’t enter the human being’s body, he cannot destroy. He uses people to destroy. He knows your heart. He knows everything. He knows your weak point. He’s a traitor. He is cunning. He knows what he’s doing. When he looks at you, he knows what you’re about to do and he knows what you’ll become. He will find his way to deviate you from that way. He will offer you what you want, but it’s a counterfeit. If he sees the Father is the only One in your heart, He will leave you alone. That is why he meets each person’s need. If he doesn’t know your heart, he doesn’t know what you’re looking for. When he looks into your heart, he knows what you want and he knows how anxious you are about that thing. He will offer you what you want and it’s a counterfeit. How does he know what you want? Because your heart is not in your Father; you’re anxious about what you want. He will give it to you and you’ll take it because you’re anxious about it. You will take it because your Father is not in your heart. When your Father is in your heart, immediately he sees you, he knows. He cannot offer you anything. When you’re going to church because you’re looking for a child, where do you put the Father? Is it not the Father that will provide child? You set the time for the Father.

Is it you that will set a time for the Father or it’s the Father that will set time for you? Father is the One that will set time for you. You will begin to count it. Oh pastor, I’ve been coming here now for the past 2 years, I could not get pregnant. That means you’re looking for a child, not the Father. That thing will now bring his own. He will now lead you to another pastor where you’ll be pregnant within 2 days. Oh pastor, close your church; is it God that called you; I left your church and I went to another church, within 2 days I was pregnant; look at my child. But that thing is laughing at you in one corner. After you give birth to the child, things begin to happen. Because that thing has taken you to where you shouldn’t go, you’ll begin to go deeper. You and your husband don’t have peace at home. You think you have a child, but you don’t know it’s a problem you have. Things will not go well again because the Father that sheltered you is no more there! You’ll begin to go deeper to where you shouldn’t go. Before you look at yourself, you’ve gone too far. Even the child you thought you were looking for; you have no time for him again. A child supposed to be a thing of happiness. Even the husband will say ‘you and this your thing in this house’. A child now turns into a ‘thing’. You and this ‘your thing’ will not let us have peace in this house; you’d better look for a place to keep it. A child that supposed to be a joy turns into an ordinary ‘thing’ because the Father is no more there. The devil will say yes, I’m the one that give it to them; she knows where she went; I have right to trouble them; it was what you want we gave to you. One day the man was fed up; he went to the bar to drink. I don’t have peace in that house because of ‘that thing’ – the child. My son, I am the One speaking. Since that child came to that house, there’s no peace. The man began to drink. Maybe in the process of drinking, as he was driving home, he died. Is there peace in that home or pieces? The pastor they rejected before, they will call him again. Oh pastor, it’s me Sister Rebecca; my husband is dead. The pastor answered ‘oh sorry, what happened’. Oh pastor, it’s a long story; the man was an evil man; I had no peace since I had my child. Why didn’t you tell him where you went! Because the devil that gave you a gift is the one working in your house. The blessing of the Father never add sorrow. You don’t know! Where did you go? If it’s the house of God you truly went to, you wouldn’t have experienced all these. Do you think all pastors are pastors? Do all of them carry the anointing of the Father? They have sold their anointing to the devil. Satan is the one that’s ruling them. Some of them have changed the anointing the Father gave to them to another thing. It’s the devil that’s controlling them. Satan is the one that gives them power. But they say they’re pastors. Was it not the church I went to? Yes, they call it a church! The pastor that lay hands on you, that blessed water and anointing oil for you knew what he gave to you. If you yourself were inside the Father, He would have revealed it to you, either through dreams. You would know where you went. Nobody will tell you to run away before you’ll run away. That is why My son, as I’m speaking here it’s a reality. When you serve the Father, He will clue you everything because the Spirit of the Father is inside you. Nobody will deceive you; nobody will tell you lie because the Father is a living Father. Nobody teaches the Father. The Father Himself is a Word. The Word of the Father will never destroy. That was where I started My discussion with you. Do not trouble yourself. I will perfect My word. I will do what I proposed to do.

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