Do Not Worry

The Father speaks

(Saturday 10th April 2010, 10:45)

Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself. Faith! Faith! Faith is the evidence of the things you hoped for, that you have not yet seen. It is about Me. There is no sorrow there. There is no weeping there. There is no crying there. There is only joy and peace there. Carry My cross. Carry My cross. Carry My cross. Do you know how to carry My cross? Carry My cross. I will never care what they say. I will carry my Father's cross. I will never bow down. I will never submit. I know my God, I know my Father. That is My cross. No matter how it is, I will not leave my Father. He is with me. He has prepared a place for me. I will not miss it. That is it.

I said it before, worries of this world. How will people classify me? Worries! It's like my Father is not there for me. It's like He's not hearing me. He said it, it has not come to pass. May be it's not He that spoke to me. When you condemn your heart, it is part of sin. In fact, it is a great sin! Do you know you have peace more than those living in a mansion? Do you want to be like them? Amazing grace! The opportunity you have, they don't have it. You know where you are coming from, you know where you are going. Millions of them, they don't know where they are coming from and they don't know where they are going. Things of this world! Things of this world! Do you know Apostle Paul? Do you know about him? He is My son. He forgot about everything. He lost everything. He is with Me in My kingdom. He is with Me.

Hellfire is true. My kingdom is true. Heaven is real. There, no sorrow, no worries. There is peace, joy, abundance of joy. It's a place you need to go. It's a place many people want to go. There is a lot of screening. There is screening there. If you are not pure, you cannot go there. I told you before My son, don't miss it. Never let the things of this world take you away. You will choose. The ball is in your court. To enter My kingdom, do you think it is milk and honey? Do you think it's easy? My disciples, what happened to them? It's not easy. Because you are going somewhere, there is a limit to your enjoyment here. You cannot enjoy here and enjoy there. Because money is the root of all evil. Somebody offers you money that is not in My way, you take it. You will miss it. You forget about Me because of the things of the world.

Who will curse whom I've already blessed? I am above, they are beneath. Their hands can never touch Me. Who can fight Me? Who will trouble Me? I'm the Great Judge. I am the Immortal God, I am the Invisible God, the only Wise God. I am a Great Protector. I protect, I save, I guide those who give their heart to Me. Those who choose Me as their God, I guide them, I care for them. Evil will never fall on them. But if you neglect Me and push Me aside, then, I will leave you. When it happens, don't call on Me. When you recognise Me, when you choose Me as your Father, I will keep you safe. When it happens, don't cry because you don't recognise Me. No other personality, everybody is under Me. As they mention My name, every knee shall bow, every tongue shall confess. I am All-In-All. Grace! It's just My grace. It is My grace that is sufficient for most of them. They don't merit it. I prayed, He answered me. It's just My grace. All their heart is fashioned in one way. When they need Me, they call Me. I'm still there for them. It's just My grace. It's My grace. You prayed, it happened, it's My grace. If I think of how they are doing things, with their ways, a lot of things will happen to My children. It's My grace. Because they prayed and got the answer, they think they are doing it well. I said it before, they are coming to meet Me. My insurance covers them. The grace, that is the insurance. There is a time for everything. Everybody will give an account. The way you speak it, the way you judge it. My grace, that is the insurance. Those who seek Me, I reveal things to them, I never hide Myself from them. I reveal mysteries to them. I search the heart of all men, that is why I reveal My secret to them. I can never give My food to dogs. If you seek Me, I will use your heart as My dwelling place; that is Me. I can never reveal My secret to you and you twist it to suit yourself, because of what you want.

I am a wonderful Father. Do you think they just call Me wonderful Father? I am full of wonders. Beyond human imagination, I carry it out, I do it. No one will question Me. I am a Righteous Father. Who have ears, let them hear. When the trumpet sounds, everybody will know. The trumpet will sound, then everybody will know. Let them seek Me now while I am available. A time is coming, they need to seek Me. They still have the opportunity because I am available. They still have the chance, they still have the opportunity. You know. You heard about the flood? Because they read it in the Bible, they count it as a story. This is why most of them do anything they want. Even most of My servants, they want to do it as a hobby, not as work. They are not serious with it. They take pastor's work as a hobby, they don't take it seriously. At the end of the day, they have to feed their family. That is why things are hard for them. They didn't seek Me with their heart. How you teach My children matters a lot. This is why most of My children don't obey Me. Because you as a man of God, you are not doing what you suppose to do according to My word. How will you teach My children what you don't do? Most of them, they know your secret. Because of this, they are lost. Don't fornicate, don't lie and you pastors are doing it. A teacher in the school will only set the examination upon what he taught his students. When you teach them, they will ask you questions, and when they ask, you can't answer. This is why they have to cover up that place. When you are doing the wrong thing, they will do as you do. Many of My children want to follow Me. Yes, I still speak through them. Is he not a man of God? If God is speaking through him and he is still doing this, I will do it too. I committed sin, I cried to my Father, my Father has forgiven me. How do you know you will make it at the end of the day? You asked for forgiveness and you still go back and go back to sin again. How do you know you will make it?

Every tree that does not produce good fruit, what happen to them? They shall be cut off and cast into a lake of fire. When I forgive you, I know the reason why I forgive you. But don't go back again. When you always sin and think your Father will forgive you, how do you know you will make it at the end of the day? I don't want to let down one person for the other because I am a God that keeps top secret.

The truth is bitter, but you must speak the truth and it will set you free. Keep on speaking the truth, don't mind where it will lead you. Christ is All-In-All. He has run the race. That is all! There is no part two. No any but, no any comma. He ran all the race, He finished it. Is there anything to judge Him? He has peace with Me. He is on My throne. You teach your own way, you follow your own way. In all His words, He regarded Me. He knew I was the One that sent Him. He always recognised Me. He did not do things on His own. Even when He was there on the cross, He called upon Me. Even when He knew the time has come, He said it is finished; He still called upon Me. If He wanted to turn the hand of the clock, He could have done it. He had the power; I gave Him the power. He did not say because of the things of this world not to go back to the Father. Where were the wife and children? Where were His mansions? I give Him the crown and nobody can take it away from Him. He is the Number 1.

I bring this matter My son, for you to learn a lot of things and for them to know as well. Those who call themselves pastors! He carried everybody along, both the rich and the poor, the strong and the weak. He preached to the rich ones, many of them turned to Me. Many of them came down. My children, they are afraid of the rich ones because of what they will get. Who was Matthew? Who was Nicodemus? How can they regard Me that I'm the One who send you when you paint their riches? That means you are telling them to go ahead and do it. How will they regard Me when you are promoting them, telling them to continue.

My son, anyhow you know you can pass this message across, pass it across. My kingdom is real. Don't let anything take you away from the place your Almighty Father has prepared for you. There is a way you pass it across My son.

I want to be rich, I want to be rich, prosperity. When you preach about salvation, they will look at you as if you don't know what you are saying. It's not that I'm against wealth My son. But how do you make it! If your wealth comes from a genuine source, I'm not against it. If you do what you don't have to do, I'm against you. If you do your work genuinely, I will bless you. I will add one to two, I will bless you; that is Me. If you are a business man and you do your business in a genuine way, I will bless you. If you are a pastor, if you preach My word undiluted, I will use people to bless you. I'm not against wealth. Do you know about King David? A man after My heart! Even when he committed sins, he recognised Me. I blessed him. Apart from My covenant with Abraham, I blessed him. Through him I blessed Lot. Those who encountered him were blessed as well. Those who saw him knew he was blessed. When I wanted to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, I spared Lot's life. Do you know why? Because of Abraham. Nobody will overthrow Me!

My son, I'm not after riches. I am the God that bless. But the source of your riches, how? This was why I said most of them will miss it.

Some of My pastors are very poor. Do you know why? They have an unforgiving spirit. Unforgiving spirit! Let go, they will not let go so they can flow in Me. When you hold somebody, how will you move? You don't allow that person to go and you too will not go. Unforgiving spirit! And they say they preach the word of God.

Riches are Mine, greatness is Mine, honour is Mine, wealth is Mine, favour is Mine.

I am a Great Deliverer. What happened to the Israelites when they were coming out of Egypt? What is Red Sea? It's an obstacle! If I didn't let that river dry, could they have passed through it? What happened to the pursuer? Anyone who says he wants to afflict you, I will afflict them.

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