The Father speaks

(Sunday 3rd July 2011, 00:10)

Do two walk together unless they agree? If this one goes his own way, and the other one goes her own way, can they walk together? Two work together for good. You cannot be a woman and say you want to be the man of the house. Some women are ‘man of the house’. No matter how your husband’s situation, he is still the head of the house. You have to give him the respect. My husband, this is what God laid on my heart; this is what He said I should do; how are we going to do it. No matter how God chooses you, no matter the level of anointing He gives you, your husband is your pillar. Your husband is there for you; you rest on him so you can move forward. The journey will now be sweet. Even if you own a ministry, it still belongs to your husband because whatever a woman has belonged to her husband. Even if the Father pours His Spirit on you, it is the man that owns it. You cannot say you love your husband and be trading on him; doing your own business. It will not work. That is how it will begin to shake until time has passed. You are on your own.

My son, I am the One inside My daughter. She was what she is before she met you because I created her to be. Now that both of you marry each other, anointing meets anointing, isn’t it? My daughter will now say because the Father is inside her, she will not give you your respect. If somebody is coming to see Me, because I’m inside her, she will now say she’s the one that person is coming to see and therefore bypass you. Can she do it? She will just begin to do on her own. She cannot! My son, she cannot because she is your wife and I am the One. Even though I speak through her, you are the head of the house. I am your Father that’s speaking. You are the head of the house. You are the husband. You are her everything. She gives you the respect. If anybody comes, she will say ‘speak to my daddy; speak to my husband’. But it’s her mouth I will still use to speak. Do you know more than your Father? Many homes that supposed to be sweet, because of all these things that are happening, the devil takes over. We are talking about serving your Father now.

May be the woman makes more money than the man, the man will now turn into a worthless dog in the house. The house now turns into a battlefield. In a house where nothing is going well, you know the Father Himself doesn’t want it. Because you are the breadwinner of the family, the head of the house now turns into a piece of broom. When the man wakes in the morning and he’s not happy, you provoke your husband everyday; will there be peace in the house? No matter how wealthy you are, if your husband, the head of the house is not happy, things will not go well in that house. Your money cannot save you. Your money cannot save you because the head of the house is in tears everyday. Things that don’t suppose to happen will begin to happen, because there is no peace in that home. You now give the devil room to enter and strike. All because you’re the breadwinner of the house. They are two, and they become one. Whatever belong to one belong to the other. Both of them are one. My husband, this is the money; how are we going to do it? Use this for this one; use this for that one. Will peace not reign in the house? There will be peace. You are the woman, you have the money and you keep it to yourself, and the man begins to look at you like a little child. Your own husband! When you look at your husband, he’s like a dummy, like a little kid, like a carved image. You’re enjoying life, but part of your body is dying. Do you think your Creator is happy with you? But you’re happy. After all, I’m the one that brings the money in this house. Who is the head of the house? Is it not the man? Then you’re happy because you are the breadwinner of the house. You can then talk to the man anyhow. You can go out and come in whenever you want, because you are the one that has the money. Your husband has no mouth to talk. Is that what your Father taught you? Wives, when you have money, disrespect your husband. Is that what the Father taught you? What does the Father say? Submit to your husband!

Marriage is for better and for worse; either good or bad; in the sun, in the rain; my wife, my husband. That is what the Father wants. Because both of you were two, He now merged you together. You have to share everything common together. No difference at all. That is what the Father says. When things are good, then he’s your husband; when things are no longer good, he’s no more your husband. Then you want to live. Where you are going, do you know what will happen there? You are running from here, you are going there; do you know what will happen there? So you are looking for sweet-sweet-sweet. You don’t want any bitterness. Then where you’re going, do you know what you want to go and meet? Do you ask yourself question? As I’m running away from this one now, do I know what I’m going to meet there? Because you swore an oath ‘for better, for worse’. When it’s better, you are drinking and laughing; when it’s worse, you’re running away. Where you’re running to, do you know what you’ll meet there? Do you know more than your Father? Do you know more than your Creator?

He put both of them in the Garden of Eden; they were husband and wife. They were there together. They were not suffering. They were eating and drinking, but they knew they were naked until the devil came to tempt them. When they were tempted, they ate the fruit, isn’t it? Then the Father pronounced His words upon their lives. The worst began to happen in their lives. The pains began to come. When the pains began to come, what happened? Both of them shared it together. The husband did not say, you wife was the one that gave me the fruit to eat; now that the problem is here, take care of it by yourself; I’m going away. Did you see it like that? When everything began to happen, when the man began to cultivate the ground, when the woman began to have pains during childbirth, both of them shared it together. When the children came, when problems arose, they shared it together. I am the One that is talking My son. Even to the state their children began to kill each other. Then what did they do? Both of them were in it together. They began to ask the other one where his brother was. The father did not say, you woman, it’s your useless son. No! Both of them were in it together. They shared the problems together. They shared the pains together. One did not say to the other, you useless man, you useless woman, it was you that cause this problem. It was both of them. Both of them ate it together and both of them suffered it together. It was both of them! If one said ‘eat’, and the other one said ‘I don’t want to eat’, it wouldn’t have happened. As one ate, gave it to the other and he ate, both of them shared it together. They did not blame each other. If the man had said ‘eat it by yourself, I don’t want to eat’, it wouldn’t have happened. Both of them became the victim. But he did not blame the woman. Both of them danced to the ringing tone of the serpent. Well, we’ve failed; as we’ve failed, no turning back. They suffered it together. This is not the time to point fingers at each other. What the Father didn’t want, that was exactly what happened. Though He wanted it to happen, but there was a way He wanted it. Now that it happened, we have to face it. You cannot know more than your Father. The Father that prepared everything knew how He would do it. He knew how long it would take before it happened and how last it would be; but in a beautiful way. If a leaf falls from a tree, will the tree know that a leaf falls off? No! It will not know. Your Father that created both of them and put them in that garden knew why He put them there, and if anything would happen, He knew it beforehand. He knew the way He would do it that it wouldn’t pain them, it wouldn’t pinch them. They wouldn’t have experienced any pain because He created everything for both of them to enjoy. He created everything male and female. Do you know more than Him? Why did you run more than yourself? What you supposed to eat last, you ate it in the beginning. Why did you rush it?

My son, I told you what I’m doing with you here is not common and it’s very painful to Me if you do not do My word the way I asked you to do it. I don’t want to shout. I am the One speaking. You are hearing Me; I am here talking to you. The way I put this word to you, present it to My children like that; peacefully because what I’m doing with you is not common. I am the One inside this body. This body is My body. I can do it the way I want to do it. No evil will befall this life. It’s My life. I am the One that own it. I can do it the way I want to do it. I can turn it to whatever I want to turn it to. It’s My life. I can speak from now until tomorrow; she will not be tired; I am the One that is speaking. It is Me. And whenever I’m talking, no one challenge Me. A time is coming, people will line up to hear from this life. I am the Father talking. Do you know the Bible more than Me? I am the One that spoke the Bible. It’s Me. You that man of God, you that pastor, what do you know? I am the Creator. I am telling you what I did. What do you know? What do you know? This word you’re reading, it’s Me. That is why I am teaching you one by one My son. Every word you publish is accurate. It is Me. Anyone that goes there will know it’s Me. No one reads My word and hiss. It is Me. I am proud of Myself, My son. It is Me. It is Me. Every word you’re seeing there, it’s Me. That is why I go forward and backward; any word you don’t understand, I break it down for you. It is Me. After I finish, ask My daughter if she can tell you anything. She doesn’t know anything. It is Me. Sometimes when I’m speaking, she doesn’t feel anything. It is Me. I can come in a different dimension because this body is Mine. I am the One that own the body. It is Me. Sometimes she behaves like a drunkard; it is Me. Sometimes she behaves like a dumb; it is Me. Sometimes she behaves like a blind person; it is Me. Sometimes the way she plays with you in this house; it is Me. For you to know the character of your Father. That is who your Father is. He is a loving Father. He wants happiness everyday. That is your Father. Sometimes you don’t understand her behaviour; it is Me. Sometimes I provoke you to anger; it is Me. I am the One! It is Me! I want you to be angry. It is Me. I want to know if you’re dead in Me. It is Me. Are you really in Me? Are you just saying it with your mouth? Are you truly a father? It is Me. Because what you’re not doing, you cannot say it outside. What you’re not practising, you cannot preach it outside. It is Me. What you are seeing here in this your house is reality. That is why I go back again and again to tell you over and over that it was human beings like you that wrote everything you see in the bible. It’s a reality. There is a place Abraham came from. There is a tribe he came from. It’s a reality. Everything you see is a reality. It was somebody that ate and with his full stomach turned everything around for his own suitable. Do you know more than your Father? Do you know more than your Father? Do you know more than your Father? My son, nobody will believe what I’m doing with you here, but My word is there. My son, everything I have taught you and the ones I’m teaching you are what you will teach all of them for them to know the journey they’re going. All of them are still playing. They are eating and playing. It is now they want to go deep down and be serious in their Father. The Bible you’re reading, do you think it’s just ordinary book? It’s Your Father? It’s Your Father. My son, nobody will visit your website and see your word and deny it’s not your word. Yet, it’s not your word; it’s the word of your Father because they know you cannot bring this one out of your memory. No any pastor can form it no matter how educated you are. Who taught you that one? If you want wisdom, come to Me. If you want knowledge, come to Me. If you want understanding, come to Me. Which school did you attend? I am the Owner of the Word.

My son, don’t trouble yourself. Since I came into your life, you have peace. Don’t give yourself problem. Speak My word the way you suppose to speak it. It’s My word. If anybody doesn’t understand, let him come and arrest Me. If I speak any word that is too heavy and the person ask why I speak such heavy word, let him come and meet Me. It’s My word. I will speak it the way I want. This journey has two ends; it’s either you go to the wrong side or the right side. If you want, you can come and ask Me why do I do it like that. Ask Me! There is something that is good; there is something that is bad. Whatever you choose, you will manage it. Come and ask Me why I do it. I created male, I created female. Come and ask Me why I created male and female and I will tell you. I created you as a human being. I created your body. I give you mouth, I give you nose, and I give you every part of the body. When the body is hungry, there is a passage of food. There is a passage of breath. There is a passage for word. Why do you ask Me why I created mouth? Yes, I created mouth for you to eat and speak. Why did I create eyes? I created eyes for you to see. Why did I create ears? I created ears for you to hear.

My son, I even give the scientist wisdom for them to know what I did. They can only search, but they can’t create it. I gave them the wisdom for them to know what is there. It’s not common! My son, I joined everything together. I created each part of the body one by one and I joined them together. I moulded this body from the soil and then breathed into it. It is Me. That is why you see people come and go, but the Spirit is Mine. I know what I’m saying. It’s Me. Do you see this body, the real one is inside. This one just covers what is inside, yet it’s powerful. Everything I do is perfect. I told you already what can damage the body. What is that thing? Sin! I have taught you before. You can plant in this soil today and it will begin to bring fruit. The soil will never tire. It will grow food from time to time. It will never tire. The body is exactly like that. Until when the human being destroyed the body and destroyed everything. They defiled themselves. Everything the Father did was wonderful. He did it and He had peace. My children would eat and drink; they would have peace. However, the way the Father wanted it to be, that is not the way He’s seeing it. There’s somebody there that is obstacle to it. All these ones We are saying, if you compare it with what is going on now, it’s a big difference. What is going on now is very deep and destructive. My son, tread on the path I showed you. Hold your heart diligently. Don’t allow anything to be an obstacle in your journey. This earth is very delicate and dangerous because that thing has destroyed many people’s hearts. There are some people, you and they are on the same journey together, they will turn their hearts against you suddenly. These are people that are confessing Father, confessing Jesus. What happens by the end of the day? They will just turn their hearts suddenly. You will be very surprised to see the same people you’re praying together, singing together turn away. That is why I told you to guard your heart and be on your own. Don’t rely on anybody. Rely on the Father. Your Father speaks to you every day; He does not hide His heart from you. Don’t put your heart on men. If you put your heart on men, you will fail in the journey. Else, they will confuse you. This is the way we do it; this is the way you have to do it. No! Rely on Me. If there is anything you don’t understand, ask Me; I will tell you what to do. When I give you the knowledge, you cannot compare it with any other thing. Don’t do anything of your own initiative. Don’t use your own power; don’t use your own knowledge to speak any word because they’re looking for a way to destroy you. They are looking for who they will hold into ransom. This earth is going; I’ve told you before. Be sensitive. Let the word of your Father be strong in your mouth. Don’t deviate from it. Don’t call white black because of what you want to eat. There are lots of foods your Father prepare for you there. You will eat it and be tired. Because of what you want to eat, that you don’t know what will happen to all those things when the journey (death) comes; then you’ll face the fire. Because of what you want to eat, you will call what is white black. Oh, it’s a mistake; it was black. No! Right from the beginning if you say it is white, then it remains white because your Father does not change His mouth. Right from the beginning, right from the creation, the same holiness that your Father have been confessing, even in the time of Jesus Christ, is the same holiness He still confess today. He does not change His mouth. Not even you. He’s been talking about holiness right from the beginning. Holiness is the beginning, holiness is the end. Don’t you know that your Father means business? What of you whom He chose as His servant, whom He chose as His follower, whom He chose as His son, why will you preach your own. The Father says you can do this, but don’t do that. Who told you? What is the difference between this and that? He says you can eat this one, you cannot eat that one. Who told you? If He says you should not eat it; don’t eat it. If He says you can eat this one, don’t eat that one; what is the difference? That is not what the Father says. My son, I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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