Men Of God And Money

The Father speaks

(Wednesday 25th January 2012, 22:40)

Holiness is the number one. Let the Spirit of the Father be inside you. Are you working in a financial department? That is the most sensitive and dangerous department. The devil will lure you to eat the money and if you do, he knows what he’s done in your life. If you do it, he has destroyed your generation. For you to eat God’s money! The finance department is the most dangerous place to work in the church. If it’s only a penny you eat, you will pay for it because it will take a lot away from your house. My son, let them know this one! You are in a position, because people are borrowing money you too want to borrow. You know you can never pay back. You don’t know the kind of debt you owe for your generations that are coming. Is it your money? When you do it, you are happy. Is it your money? Do you know how many hands that contributed the money? Those who dropped money into that basket, do you know what they’re doing? Do you know what they’re passing through? Because you are in the position to manage the money, you now take it for yourself. You owe a debt that your generations can never pay back. It is the Father’s money. I am the One speaking!!! You are happy! You are driving a jeep. You take money from the church’s basket and you refuse to pay back! You are like somebody pouring water into a drum; the drum will never fill up because it will leak away. You eat the money you shouldn’t have eaten. That money is not your money! You will pay for that money. Even if you are a man of God, you are not supposed to dip your hand into that money anyhow. You must take permission from those who are in charge of the money before you can take it. This one is for our pastor. You don’t have any right to go there and take the money because it’s not yours. It’s the Father’s money. Even though you want to eat from the money, there must be a committee that will apportion part of it either monthly or weekly for the pastor. It’s not where you can just go and do as you like. Without your knowledge, people will plan how to care for you. It’s not what you will go there and take. That is why they fail!!! They fail. They fail. Even if you want to do anything anyhow, not inside the Father’s house. That is the most dangerous place because you are playing with your life. You are playing with your life. Those who tried it in the time of old, what happened to them? Those who played that deadly game died!! It’s a deadly game. Is it not the same Father? Is the Father alive or not? Do you think because the Father keeps quiet to everything you’re doing that you’ll go free? Tell them My son! All of them that borrowed money in the church and refuse to pay back have dug their grave. All of them know what they are doing! They borrowed money and refused to pay. After all, nobody will ask me; I’m a pastor; this is the way I want to do it. My son, tell them they have caused problems for their children that are coming! What is the Tithe! If somebody could go there and deep his hand into the basket and take money as he likes, why are they paying Tithe? That means they should not pay Tithe. If somebody can take it anyhow, and eat, that means they shouldn’t pay Tithe anymore. That means there is no law.

Everything you do in the house of the Father should be done orderly and amicably, not anyhow. So that by the end of the day, the glory of the Father can shine upon your life and your generation. So that you will never work in vain, and that you won’t put a curse on your children because it’s a curse. Those who went to the altar and took money from the basket and cajoled people they would pay when they knew in their heart they would not pay, tell them they have sown evil into the lives of their children. You know in your heart you wouldn’t pay! Why are they paying Tithe? Somebody worked and keeps part of the money aside. She should have used it to buy what she needs. I will not eat this money; I will pay it so they can give it to those who need it. You call yourself a man of God, you now eat with your full belly and go there to take that money. You have eaten enough but you still want more. But people are there who haven’t seen anything to eat. Do you think you’re doing yourself good? You are doing yourself evil. You are sowing evil seed. The seed that your generations that are coming can never pay back. You sowed curse into their lives already. My son, I am the One speaking. It is everlasting curse they lay on their children. Anybody that takes money on the altar, in the church and does not pay back, tell them they owe debt their generation can never pay back. They have brought a curse into their house. In your own lifetime you may eat well and die, but you have laid curses on your children and they can never trace where the curse is coming from because you have defiled the house of the Father. That money is not your money, it’s for the Father. When you’re in a worldly forum, you can do anything. When you finish, you will come to the house of God and ask for mercy. But when you do it in the house of God, where are you going to ask for mercy? Because you purposely do it in the house of the Father! Who will forgive you? Who will have mercy on you? My son, you see where all of them miss it. Because you are a man of God, that does not qualify you to eat the Tithe of the church. It’s not your own. It’s not your own. As long as you are eating well, you see a place to lay your head, you are not hungry, that is okay for you. If an individual gives you anything outside the church, it’s okay for you. And whatever the individual gives to you, you must still pay the Tithe into the church because it was through the Father they give it to you. You must still come and pay the Tithe of it. If they give you anything other than money, you must value it to know how much it cost in the market. You will come and pay the Tithe into the church. Father, I thank You for this blessing; this is the Tithe of it. As you pay that Tithe, somebody will eat it as well. They have sinned!!! When I say all of them have sinned My son, I know what I’m saying. They have sinned!!! They are not serving Me! They are not serving Me. This is why they’re running helter-skelter; money, money, money. The Father sees everything they’re doing. You have sinned, everlasting sin that has no remedy. Until you come out openly and tell them that you take money from the church basket and promise to return the money! Openly!! Let them know. Otherwise, the curse will be upon your generation that is coming. Return back the money. If you die, They will ask you at the gate. Where are you going; did you pay the debt you owe; oh, I didn’t owe any debt; you owe Our Father; was it your money. They will show you as you were taking the money. If the person had said no, it would bring problems. For him to save his head, he would bring it to you. I need that money; Mr Francis, I need 5000; bring it to me before the evening. And he doesn’t have any right to say no because if he says no, you know what you will do. And in your heart, you will not pay back that money. When you die, They will show you. My son, do you know where he’s going? Hellfire straight!! No stop over!!! You are not working for Our Father because you’re a thief; you are coming here to do the same thing; who will allow you in; go there. All of them that eat money anyhow in the house of the Father owe Him because it’s the Father’s money.

When somebody says he’s going to bless a man of God, do you think the person just say it? It is the Father that fashioned their heart to bless you. He purposely blessed people to bless you. When you take the money, what should you do? Father, I thank You. You will remove the Tithe and pay it. If you can’t, you will give it to somebody to eat. You, I saw you yesterday with empty basket; where are you coming from; pastor, I wanted to buy something; then take this money. Will the Father not happy? However, they gave you money and you keep it somewhere; you’re still looking for more because it’s not enough for you. But somebody lie down there crying to the Father for money, and the money is there. Father, where are You; there is no food for My children. You, a man of God keeps the money. You keep it! You drive the first car, the second and the third. You begin to select on which bed you want to sleep. My wife, is it yellow or green bed sheet you need on that bed or which one? But somebody is there who doesn’t even see any bed to lie upon, and you’re selecting the kind of bed you will sleep on. In which room are we sleeping tonight? Is it room 8 or room 12? Only your body! The body that will go to the ground and decay My son! Which room; is it room 10; which colour; is it purple or red? But somebody is there who doesn’t have money for transport. She cannot catch her bus because no money to buy food for her children. If she removes some money for transport, she will not be able to feed her children. But somebody is eating, doing well, counting on which bed, which room he wants to sleep. My son, hellfire straight! No stop over!!! I am the One speaking. I am the One speaking! This is for you to know that all of them have missed it. If I continue on this topic tonight, you will not go to bed. My son, don’t you know this word is a shame? It’s a shame! Now, somebody gave you a million, but you had two-thousand in your pocket. You now said to yourself, this two-thousand I have is enough, I’m eating well. Somebody gave you one million. You now called Joshua and gave him five-hundred-thousand. Joshua, take this five-hundred-thousand and look for those whose life is down in the church, share this money for them. Joshua now shared the money for them. Peter got his own share and went home. He called his wife; dear God has blessed us; take this money and start a business with it. The wife started a business. She called her husband and said, dear, I need a salesgirl. That is the money you were given! How many people it has gone to now? She now employed a salesgirl working for her. The salesgirl was happy and ran to her mother with happiness. Mummy, I’ve got a job! But mummy was not eating well. By the end of the month, salesgirl got her wages and gave it to her mother. Her mother cooked and ate well. As mother ate, her other children ate as well. She could send them to school again. But that was the one million you were given. Count how many chains of people it has got to. Have you done good or bad? You have done good. When they gave you the money, if you had stored it in your house, what could have happened to that chain of people? They will suffer! That is what is going on there in Nigeria. Even My servants! That is what is going on there. When you drink water, you will urinate. The urine that comes out of your body, some plants need it to grow. But you think you’re throwing it away. If you don’t see water to drink, can you urinate? The urine that comes out of you, do you think it wastes? Do you think it’s a poison? It’s not a poison. Some plants need it to grow. Even ants will drink from it as well. But if you don’t drink water, can you urinate? If you don’t urinate, will the grass see something to drink at that particular time? You think it is urine, but it is water. That is a waste product, yet it’s not a waste product. That is what it means making something out of nothing. My son, as you’re drinking water in this your house, you also urinate. As you urinate, the water from your toilet goes somewhere. Do you think it wastes? It doesn’t waste. When you keep something to yourself, you’re doing yourself harm. That thing should have gone round. You are doing yourself harm. When the problem comes, you will share out of it. There is money that will last and there is money that will not last. The real money that comes from the Father, no matter how little, even if you pass away, it will last because it comes from the right source. But the money that doesn’t come from the Father will not last. It will never last and it will follow bad course. It is better for you not to have it than to have it and doesn’t last; because the blessing of the Father never adds sorrow. If the Father wants to transform a city today, how long does it take? In a twinkling of an eye! Don’t you know you’re working for nothing? You are working for nothing and you give yourself a bad name. If He wants to change a city today, He will do it. Are you the one that’s going to change it? What will you build that the Father has not used His children to build before? Which house are you going to build? The food you will eat and after you’ve finished eating, as you walk on the street, people will begin to abuse you because they are hungry. Look at them, thieves; they call themselves men of God. Will the food stay in your body? It cannot stay in your body because as you’re eating it people are hungry. When you walk on the street, they will abuse you. But if you eat half and give somebody else the other half, what happens? Oh, I will serve your God! Upon the one you’re doing, as you take everything for yourself, does it change the situation of that country (Nigeria)? It even brought problem with it. If you have held yourself tight, if you have held the word of the Father, it could have been better for you. If you hold yourself and have the fear of your Father, people will fear, and it will turn the situation of the country around. They will have the fear of the Father. Always speak about holiness. Instead of them to do evil, they will do good.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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