Prophecy Against Britain

Part 5

The Father speaks

(Friday 18th November 2011, 05:35)

My son, do not be dismayed, do not be discouraged, do not be troubled. Any message I give to you, send it to all of them. I am God, I am not a man. It is My work, not your work. If it doesn’t come to pass, leave that one with Me. But I am not a liar. If anyone is angry, let them come and meet Me. My son, tell them! If you need money, you can’t just pick it up on the street, but you must enter inside the house and take it. Any money you see on the street is not your money; it’s lost money. As you’re about to enter the house, if you don’t enter through the door, maybe you jump through the window; those who see you will arrest you because you’re a thief. If you enter inside the house, there is still somebody you’re going to meet there. You can’t just enter and begin to do as you like. You must follow the instruction of that person.

My son, tell them! Tell them I laboured for this earth; I suffered before I created this earth. This earth is Mine! Since they said they know how to manufacture everything, I’m giving them the assignment to manufacture blood. What is blood? Where does it come from? The soul of every man is in the blood. I’m giving them the assignment! Without taking blood from any man, without taking blood from any donor, they should manufacture their own blood. As water flows from the tree or from the rock, they should plant their own tree and manufacture blood from it. This is not a matter of eating vegetable leaves; I want them to manufacture their own blood. Tell them My son that I, the Almighty God want them to manufacture their own blood! Tell them I’m giving them just only this assignment. If they can do just only this one, then I know they can do everything. But if they cannot do this, then I’m bigger than they.

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