Qualification To Heaven

I believe you know and why you gave your life to Jesus Christ our Saviour, the Son of the Most High God who came to destroy the power of sin. Whenever the spirit of death arrives, you don’t have any power over him. Immediately he comes, the journey starts and he’ll take you through the unknown road. As you’re in the journey, here on earth, your loved ones are weeping. Meanwhile, to you it’s like you are in a strange road or place. It depends the time and qualification you have. Some people have time to wait, see, hear and watch everything their loved ones are saying about them, but to some there is no time for such thing because their time is limited. At that particular time, you’re no longer a human being but a Spirit. The Spirit that the Almighty God gave you is in action. You are heading to somewhere. It may be either HELL or DARKPLANNET but we are discussing about HEAVEN.

Firstly, your PHYSICAL appearance, your body that the Father gave to you, starting from your head to your toes will be checked in case there is any strange instrument or any changes you made to yourself. The hair of your head, your head, your face, your eyes, your nose, your ear, your mouth, your breast, your hand, your belly, your private organs, either you are male or female, your legs, your toes, any jewellery in your body, your entire skin will all be checked. As They’re checking everything, They are also giving you mark. Then your Spiritual appearance, your spiritual body which contains your Soul and Spirit will all be checked as well. This carries the biggest mark. The Father created you in twos. Inside your spiritual body, there is something like a clear glass vessel filled with only air. The air is the Spirit of the Father which is Almighty God in you. This Spirit controls your entire organs, all your blessings and all what you are to become on this earth. You are the one that carry the bottle and this is your life. All your blessings are spiritual; you cannot see them. Hence you’re doing the will of the Father, for not allowing any dirtiness to enter inside the bottle; the spirit of God is still in control of your blessings and your life. That means you give the Spirit chance. He will be the one to lead you. During this period, everything you do is pure and holy; your body looks like that of a new born baby. Immediately you start committing sin or do what you’re not supposed to do because of one thing or the other, you defile your body. Automatically, you’re dropping something into that bottle and it depends the kind of evil or sin you commit. Each sin carries a spirit and this spirit is DEMON. At this very junction, you’re killing the Spirit of the Father inside you. He cannot function properly the way he supposed to function anymore because you are heaping load of sin on him. At the same time, you’re also killing your body and your organs and the blessings the Father gave to you. You are destroying them one by one. Remember that all the sins are demons and they’re spirits. They are like human beings but they are spirits living inside you. They speak, they eat, and they do everything you do also. They reason with you. In fact, they use your body to act. Remember, they never do anything good; they are purely evil. They are opposite of good! If you’re discussing anything with anyone, they listen. They can go on your behalf to do evil. Each place they go, they carry your image and your name because they live inside you. You are the one that invited them into your life. They control you for bad. If you have misunderstanding or quarrel with anyone, they go and fight on your behalf. They can attack somebody on your behalf with your image and name. That person will think it’s you. It’s not you, they are your messengers. It may be a spirit of adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lewdness, idolatry, abortion, sorcery, hatred, contention, jealousy, outbursts of anger , selfishness, dissension, heresy, envy, murder, drunkenness, revelry, passion, evil desire, covetousness, anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy language out of your mouth, witchcraft, lying, gossip, backbiting, procrastination, stealing, self-righteousness, covetousness, uncontented, greed, etc. – see Galatians 5:15-21 and Colossians 3:3-8 and more. Remember that all these are spirits in human form living inside your own body. When they live inside your body, you cannot control yourself anymore. They are in control of your life both physically and spiritually either you like it or not. For example: If a spirit of drunkenness is hungry, you must satisfy him even though you don’t have money to buy the usual drink you used to buy. After you’re drunk, you’ll begin to misbehave. He knows how to connect you to get his food because he knows all your friends both male and female. He will make you to remember every one of them to give you what he wants. If he’s unable to get any one of them, he will invite the spirit of stealing to join him so that he can get what he wants. Then he’ll put the thought of stealing into your heart and in that moment you cannot control yourself anymore. Until you satisfy him, you will go and steal. He can be a spirit of gossip. You will never have time for yourself whenever he’s hungry until you call someone and talk about somebody. If you call and that person fails to respond, he will connect someone who is in your category of gossip to you to satisfy himself in your body. “Oh, I just want to call you; I was thinking about you before now.” He has succeeded in connecting both of you and you are happy. He may be a spirit of fornication that entered you before you got married and you did not confess him out so that he could leave your soul and spirit because when a spirit of fornication is inside you, after you married, he turns to a spirit of adultery. You will not be satisfied by your husband. He will give you different excuses. It may be money or the man is not fulfilling his marital right to you as your soul desires like others you have met before or may be your husband travels a lot, he will tell you ‘is this your real husband or it’s a mistake’. You cannot stay alone before your husband comes back. After all, he’s not taking care of you; he will remember you the life you lived before you married; he will connect you to your old friend and before you know it, your phone is ringing. He has succeeded in destroying your life. He can also invite the spirit of hatred so that you will hate your husband like shit and before you know it, divorce is the final. Remember, as you are giving birth to children, he or she is also giving birth to children inside you and each child you give birth to, they will enter him to form another generation. That is why some children were born with various sicknesses and because the body of that child cannot carry the spirit, the child will now come to life with sickness. Sometimes, you may either see yourself having sex or they can take you to have sex with somebody or they can turn your face to a face of a man or a woman and go and prey on somebody. They always keep record; they never forget any evil you did. As they’re using you to destroy somebody, they also make sure you never see any good thing because they are evil. You may see yourself pregnant and give birth in your dream. They are the one. They are in possession of your womb. Sometimes they feed you with different kinds of food in your dream. Anything you think of, they will supply it to you. If you want to deliver yourself, always make sure you cleanse your entire household, if not, you will not be free from their attack. When they succeeded in killing somebody, they will look for another person who used to commit sin so they could enter. If they used somebody to commit murder and they jailed that person, if that person is unable to provide his (demon) food in the prison, he will find his way and look for the same category of person he would use to commit the same crime again, one who is in higher level of sin, who cannot control himself. When you have all these, then you miss heaven. We are talking about those who will go to heaven.

After They search your outward and give you mark, when They look at your inward which is the bottle, They will also give you mark. Now, all the blessings the Father gave to you, They will look into them how you used them on earth; They will also give you mark. For example: They will look at love, sharing, help you rendered to people, the arms you gave, the peace you kept with people, wisdom you impacted into people’s lives, encouragement you gave to those who were in distress, the soul you won into the kingdom of Heaven, the work you did in the body of Christ, how you spread the Good News of the Father, how you used the gift the Father gave to you in the body of Christ etc. Having looked into all these, They will also give you mark. The mark the Almighty God requires from you is at least 70 percent. With 60 percent, They can partially accept you depending on the circumstances that surround the 40 percent of your failure. Anything less than 60 percent, you’re in trouble. Your leg is shaking! Remember that nobody is 100 percent holy as the Father because of your flesh. Whichever mark They give to you, They will destroy the remaining 30 or 40 percent from your soul so that you will not use it in Heaven. If the evil you did is more than good, (for example 40 / 50 or 50 / 50) They will not accept you. If They accept you, that is what will also control you there in Heaven. Therefore, you cannot go to Heaven with lower mark.

As you read this passage, please work upon yourself by confessing all your sins. Time wait for nobody. Even after you’ve confessed your sins, the spirits never leave in time. They will tell you ‘we are the ones that have been taking care of you all these years’. Therefore, you cannot drive them away just like that. They will make sure they struggle with you. However, never mind. With the blood of Jesus Christ, you are a winner. Always apply the blood of Jesus and the word of God into your life. Read the word of God always. Know what all the Scriptures say about you. Use them as your weapon, as your sword, as your machete to break their power and be prayerful, singing praises. As you’re doing all these, they will find their way from your life. All these spirits are powerful! It’s only the blood of Jesus that can destroy them. Almighty God did not create them to live inside human body. It was sin that caused it and if sin stay too long inside your body, he will become diseases, all kinds of sickness depending the type of sin your generation committed which the demons have been carrying over until they got to your own turn and you also added to it by committing your own sin. Remember the word of God and apply it every time. A good Christian who understands how God created this earth must ask Holy Spirit to always reveal mystery to him or her and always read his or her Bible. Everything about God is spiritual! If you want to make Heaven, go to the word of God. That is your life! There are many examples of people like you either good or bad. The Bible was written by human beings like you. Do not allow anybody to deceive you. Almighty God has blessed us with many languages. Any language you speak, you also understand. If He chooses to speak to you, it is the same language He will also use to speak to you. The devil knows the word of God. That is why if you commit any sin, he will attack you because he knows you’ve violated the word of God; you committed sin.

My dear friends, do not ask too much question or argue with anybody about Almighty God. His Spirit is inside you. Pray and confess your sins. Talk to Him in Spirit and He will answer you. Be very careful the voices you hear or who speaks to you because the devil also speak through the same mouth or the same heart. That is why whenever people pray, they get the answer very quickly. You cannot be in sin and expect God to bless you. Confirm if your blessing is from God and He will answer you in different ways. If you don’t wait for the Father to give you what you are looking for, problem will arise after some time. The answer you get is not from God because the blessing of God doesn’t add sorrow. He (Satan or devil or demon) listens to every single prayer you make. Remember he lives inside you and have connection inside you. Your body is his home. If you want to cleanse yourself, he will try everything to discourage you because he doesn’t want you to go to Heaven. He will quickly bribe you with counterfeit blessing so that you will not say too much prayer and confess your sins, and destroy his home. If you make a decision to make Heaven, God will help you. By this he knows he’s in trouble but he will not give up so quickly. He will try every power he has to fight you and cause confusion. He will use people that have the same familiar spirit to fight you. They will tell you our God is a merciful God. They will never tell you our God is a Holy God. It may be members of your family or your close friends or a man of God who doesn’t know or understand the things of the Spirit because the Bible says many are called but few are chosen. The devil doesn’t want you to come out of his net to have real blessing or to make Heaven. To please God is faith, obedience, and believe. All these are spiritual!

Dear friends, you cannot compare Heaven to any other planet which the Father has created. Many people have been taken there, black and white, male and female from different part of this earth. They visited Heaven and Hell. There are many testimonies about Heaven. I have not been there but my Father Jehovah God and my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ have told me a lot about Heaven. Everything They told me and the testimonies of other people that Jesus took there are the same. Almighty Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit even explained to me more than those who went there. They ask me to share it with the believers who are seeking for the things of the Kingdom of Heaven. As you are reading it, you may believe it or not; but there is a time for everything. Nobody have power over spirit of death. After death, judgement takes place. God bless you.

Blessing Agnes Onome Jesudairo
London, 3rd October 2013.

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