Special Prayers For Nigeria

The Father speaks

(Sunday 1st November 2020, 11:00)

The issue on the ground is not a physical thing. This is not what anyone can approach with flesh because it concerns every black race both at home and abroad. All of you should remember the slave trade. You are special in My hand; that’s why Satan is tormenting you everywhere. Nobody on earth can solve it except Me - the Almighty God.

Let everybody, both men and women who believe in Me hold their Bible or Quran in their hand and gather together in various places across the whole country - Nigeria. Nobody should block any road. Those who’re travelling to work should travel to work. Those who’re travelling out of the country should do so. Nobody should cause any disruption! If you want to gather in an open ground where no one is disturbed, you can do so. Let everybody gather and pray. Let women cry with their tears because I hear the cry of women! Nobody will kill you for crying to Almighty God. I have planned what I want to do concerning Nigeria and Africa as a whole, but I want to hear the voice of My children in a good way, not in an evil way. As you’re crying, wash your hands clean because all of you contributed to what’s going on in the land by patronising the spirit of idols. As you’re crying, all the leaders can hear you. If they hear and refuse to change, I will judge them immediately.

O God, have mercy upon us because we’re sinners! Because of our sins, we’re living like slaves in our own land. You chose Your servants to speak the truth in the land, they’ve gone their own way, and we’re suffering. We know that Satan has hijacked this nation. We believe in You that You’re the same God of Old. You have done it in the past as we read in Your Word. We want You to do it in our land – Nigeria. O God, claim this land back from the hand of Satan not with bloodshed! O God, we want You to visit the heart of our leaders that Satan has hijacked so that they can rule this land with Your Spirit because only by Your Spirit alone good thing can happen in this land.

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