Stand By Me

The Father speaks the Word of this Hymn

(Sunday 23rd September 2012 11:00)

Because of Your tender mercy
You came to me and stretch Your hand
And You opened My eyes so I might see,
Even though You opened my eyes
I still cannot go alone
And I still need You beside me
Stand by me.

Stand by me, stand by me
Stand by me You formed me from Your womb
You tread this earth before me
Though but I am a babe
My eyes are blind I cannot see
Stand by me I pray O Lord
Stand by me I pray O Lord
Stand by me.

You brought Your Son to this earth
To die for all human race
To forgive all my past and all my iniquities,
Because of that same love of Yours
Of bringing Your Son to die for me
Please never leave me alone
Stand by me.

Because I was formed by You
Go before me until this dark
Planet vanishes away and take me home,
And Your joy shall fill my heart
That indeed You take me home
I shall forever rejoice in You
Stand by me.

The Almighty Father gave me the words of this song during our Sunday Service in my living room here in Catford, London and told me to compose it. I wrote it down, arranged and composed it the following day which is Monday. The Father said as I'm singing it and as many as those who join in singing it shall see His favour. No matter what their circumstances may be, He will never abandon them because He knows this is the Song He gave me to sing. As they are singing it, anywhere they are, He will hear their voice.

Written by Radiant A. Jesudairo on Sunday 23rd September 2012. Arranged and composed on Monday 24th September 2012.

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