The Consequence Of Evil

(Part 2)

The Father speaks

(Saturday 7th January 2012, 11:40)

My son, despite how I used Moses, when he gave himself to flesh, what happened to him? He failed. No matter how I use you, if you go back and give yourself to flesh, you are a waste product. I am the One speaking. No matter how I use you, if you give yourself to Satan, because the food of sin you ate is still there. Hence, you are a human being on this earth, you are flesh. Right from the day one you came into this earth, all the dirty food you ate is still there. What then should you do? You have to guard your heart with everything so you will not fail. Hence, you fail; every service you might have rendered is finished. No turning back! Once you choose to do the work of the Father, no turning back. It is well; all is well. That should always be your confession. A man of God that was travelling around preaching the message of the Father, one faithful day, his son died. But the Father was there when the son died. Why would his son die? What would the man of God do? Father, I thank You for everything that happened. If the Father didn’t want that child to die, he wouldn’t have died. Because the Father wants to glorify Himself, He wants to prove Himself that He’s God. The Father wants to truly know if you are in Him. That child that died is not your child! He is the child of the Father. Father, I thank You; Father, I bless You. Oh my Father, I don’t want to serve You again because You allowed my son to die. That means you are flesh! Oh, upon the ones I’ve been doing, upon all my prayers and fasting, You still allowed this boy to die. Is he your child? He belongs to the Father! Is he yours? He is the child of the Father, not yours. He knows why it happened; He wants to glorify Himself. Not everything witches do. There are some things the Father purposely allows to happen because He wants to glorify Himself. As you are serving Me, jumping up everyday saying Father nothing will take me away from You. Are you sure nothing will take you away from Me? Let Me try you; let Me put My finger into your eye may be you will still use the remaining eye to serve Me. Oh, I cannot see, I will not move forward again; let me go back. Oh Father, I thank You for allowing my eye to blind; I will still serve You with the remaining one. What then will I do? I will heal the blind eye. That child that died, I will give you another one in replacement and I will double the years he should have lived. That is the work of the Father because He knows your heart. That is what the Father can do.

I speak about My son David every time. Why did I love him? No matter anything that happened to him, he trusted Me that I would rescue him. I love You my Father; I will always hold on to You. That is why I loved him. No matter what he did, he still recognised the Father as a Father. No matter all the wealth he had, he honoured the Father above everything he had. I have told you, flesh is flesh. Hence, you pass through a woman and come into this world, you are flesh. That flesh is what Satan deals with. No matter how it is, if you don’t guide your heart in your Father, Satan will use your flesh against you. Even though he uses it against you, you still have to recognise the Father as a Father. It was the flesh that worked against David. Satan fought with the life of David. But he still loved the Father. Satan made sure he destroyed everything the Father gave to him. But he still loved the Father. He said no matter anything, I still love my Father. No matter how much Satan destroys me, I will hold on to my Father. I was the One that purposely chose him, but Satan did not leave him alone. Because Satan did not leave him, he too did not leave the Father. The Father glorified Himself. I always say it, no matter how much the Father loves you, guard yourself in every area. Guard yourself everyday; be inside the Father. Satan will tempt you; he will lure you to do evil. You too will go for it and later cry to the Father for forgiveness. If the Father sees that you truly repent from your heart, He will pardon you. However, the curse will remain there. Even though the Father pardons you, the curse will be there. The consequence of the sin you committed will be there. No matter how you shed tears, no matter how you cry, the curse will be there because the Father has laid curses on what is bad. The curse will be there! The blessing of the Father will never add sorrow. You know the devil is pursuing you around so the blessing will not come to pass. Why then do you give yourself to the devil? Is it every food you see you eat? There is food you see and eat; it’s the devil that gives it to you because he has something he wants to take away from you. He knows as you eat it, he will destroy the blessing of the Father in your life. After you might have eaten it, you will regret your life. Your belly begins to pain you, and you are crying to the Father. Cry and shed tears; I will heal you, but the consequence will be there.

When I chose My son David, after he passed away, his son Solomon took over from him. Should he (Solomon) have to end his life like that? It was the consequence of the sin his Father committed. It was the consequence of the sin. If my Father, the Almighty Father we are not seeing could fight all the battles for my father, I will learn from my father; I will never do the kind of mistake my father did; I will learn from what God did to my father; I will not fall into the hand of the wrong person. What happened? Why? Because of the consequence of the sin David committed, that’s what still worked against Solomon. That is why I told you, any sin you commit will not end on your head; it will go far. It will go far. It will go far to your children. That is why you see a generation of evil never ends because of the sin their father committed. No matter how God loves you, when you know that you’re the beloved of God, you will wash your hands clean from all sin. The Father you could not see that fashioned the heart of people to come and pay homage to you, is He not a Father? He is the Almighty Father! He fashioned the heart of everybody to pay you homage, yet you said you would never stop committing sin. My son, that was why I brought My Son Jesus to come and teach My children about sin, because they could not see Me. I want the blessing I give them not to add sorrow. I want the blessing to extend to their children’s children. Let me carry on from where my father stopped; how was he able to receive all these blessings from God; he did not convert another man’s property to his own; he maintained what the Almighty gave him. As you are doing that, the Almighty Father is watching you. Won’t that person last? He will last! My son, give Me some objects, about seven.

Father and His chosen

This one, Andrew the First is the one I chose. Nobody started it; he is the one that started it. I began to teach and guide him. When I chose him, he was nothing. When the Father chose him, he said he has nothing. Don’t worry; I am the One that called you; I will bless you; walk before Me; I will guide you with everything; I will provide everything for you. What did he do? He followed the voice of the Father. He had nobody; he was alone. Because he maintained the voice of the Father, the Father blessed him. He made him king and he began to rule. After he passed away, the son Andrew the Second took over from him. As he was doing the work of the Father, the son was looking at him. Because he worked well for the Father, the Father gave him a handsome son because there was no trace of sin in him. The child that came out of his body also lived a holy life. His father passed away and left a lot of wealth for the son. This is what my father used to do; this is how he used to judge; this is how he used to eat; this is how he used to speak; he always gave people food; let me also give them food to eat. As he was doing it, there were seed inside him and the seed gave birth to children. After everything, Andrew the Second passed away and his son Andrew the Third took over. This is how my father used to do; this is all his characters. It also extended to another person, Andrew the Fourth took over. After all, the Father my father was calling upon, I cannot see Him; nobody can tie me down; I will do whatever I want to do. As you are having that thought in your heart, it enters your head. You are still enjoying the handwork of your great fathers because they maintained it. That was why it gets to your turn. When it gets to your turn, what do you do? You rebel! You rebel against the work of the Father. They bring you food that is not good, but you say it’s good. You are eating and drinking and you don’t want to give others. Are you the owner of everything you’re eating? You have rebelled against the work of the Father. Your generations have maintained it for many years, but you have spoilt it. If they have behaved like you, you wouldn’t have met all these chains of blessings. You have rebelled against the work of the Father. As you rebelled against the work of the Father, you also produced children. There is something good and something bad. You fail to maintain the good one. What happened to him now? There is a chaos. The children you produced were watching everything you were doing and they followed it. After you passed away, another one Andrew the Fifth took over. This is how my father used to do it; he even gave some people food to eat but I will not give anybody. What do you call that? Wickedness! The wickedness has gone to a higher class. What now happened to the properties these ones met? It began to go. Because you turned your back against the Father, He then withdrew His hand. Those you should have given food to eat so they would be happy, so that the Father would bless you the more, you refused to feed them. The blessing began to go down because you wanted to prove that you are the one that owns yourself. You chose the wrong one. The Father began to look at you. All the blessings that have been coming began to scatter. My question is this; is it good to do evil or good to do bad? That is how it is.

When the Father is screaming, when the Father is shouting ‘do My will; don’t rebel against anybody’, you think the Father is just doing it. If you think you are doing evil and the Father will bless you with the evil you are doing, you are lying. Because you will receive the reward of everything you do; not only you, your children’s children will receive it as well. Your children’s children’s children will receive the repercussion of it. Along the line, another one, Andrew the Seventh looked and say ‘oh, I don’t want to do evil like my father’. The Father now came down and picked him. As he’s ruling, the people of the land began to say ‘how come; the time his father was ruling, people were not blessed; why is it that he is ruling and the blessing is flowing everywhere’. Because he remembered the Father! The Father began to heal the land. He began to remove all curses away from the land. Every evil you do affects you, affects the land, and affects everybody around you. When you begin to do good, what happens? It will also affect everybody around you. It will also heal the land. Oh, when that one was there, everything went the wrong way; this one comes and everything begins to good again. Yes, because he chooses to do good. He said ‘I will not take after my father’. There is something good and there is something bad. I will repair all those things my father has destroyed; oh God, the God of our land, the God of our ancestors, have mercy; heal our land. What will the Father do? He will be happy and restore everything. He will say yes, this one knows Me. As he knows Me, I will prove Myself in their midst. Is it good to do good or it’s good to do evil? My son, I am alive. I am the One speaking. It may be good from the beginning and become worse after the first person passes away because of choice. Everything you do, it’s a choice. You don't see the Father you are calling upon and He has laid it down right from the beginning. He was the One that chose the first person and trained him because He wanted to deal with his generation. When it got to some people’s turn, they rebelled against the Father. Did they maintain the holiness? They did not maintain it. They went on their own way. But the Father still remains the Father. I said you will die and go, but the Father never dies; He remains the same thing. He will begin to deal with generations after you. When they said He’s an Old Man; do you know the meaning of Old Man? On this earth, who can you call an old man? If you get to a city, if you want to know the history of that city, you will look for the oldest man in the land. Good evening father; I have come to ask you some question. Sit down, my son; what do you want me to do for you. I want to know how this great land come to exist because the fame of this land is everywhere because of the good they’re doing. The person that founded this land must be a great man. Yes, my son! You see this land; this is the name of the first person. We don’t know where he came from, but we know he walked with God. This man heard the voice of Somebody, the voice of the Almighty. That was how we know that Somebody owns us. It was the Almighty that told him everything he did. He said we should not do evil, that we should always give alms. When people are hungry, we should give them food to eat. If any foreigner comes to us, we should accept them. We should treat them as our children. Until this day, whenever any stranger comes, we welcome them. We love everybody. Yes, father; that is why I have come to ask you this question. What is the secret? My son, this is the secret I’m telling you now. The first man that founded this city, this was the vision the Almighty gave to him. We have been maintaining the vision since then. Whoever does not maintain this vision, we kill that person. If anybody wants to go out of this law, the person will destroy this land, and we don’t want someone to destroy this land. That law is there right from the beginning. That is why you see people come and go and they are all happy. This is the secret. We do nothing outside the law of our father. It was not just the law of our father, but the law of the Almighty Himself. It was the Almighty that chose our great father. Oh father, now I know. Your fame is everywhere in the world. My son, we will never throw the word of our Father away. That is why we have peace. As you are sitting with me now, if the messenger rings bell that this is what we should do, everybody will obey. Nobody will rebel against it because we know it’s not just an ordinary word. It is the word of our Father. Won’t there be peace in that land? There will be peace My son. As they abide by that law, the Father in heaven is happy. If they allow strangers to come in, stranger that doesn’t know how the land was formed, he will now come and enforce his own law. This is not how we are doing it where I come from; this is how you people should do it. They now obey the law of the stranger. What happens to the law of the Father? They will face the music.

We will never dance to the voice of a stranger. We will obey the law of our Father. What is the ringtone of this nation? It is holiness; it is a peace maker. Give alms to the people. Feed those who are hungry. Clothe the naked. We did not come to this world by ourselves. It was Somebody that brought us here. He first of all sheltered us; He built houses for us to live. We must do the same thing for others. Are you the Creator! This earth you are living, are you the Owner! My son, I purposely do everything. What then are you supposed to do? You are shouting ‘our land, our land’ everyday. Is it your land? The land you will leave and die. You will go to where you don’t suppose to go. Is it your land? My son, it’s My land. If I am bragging ‘My land, My land’, will you come to exist? You will never come to exist. I told you the vision of how I formed this earth. If I hold on to it, will anyone hear of Me? Will anyone here of Abraham? Will anyone hear about Adam and Eve? Is it your land? The land you will leave and go and another person will take over. You forget that everything you do will turn around. As you are doing wickedness to people, you are sowing evil seed. Any wickedness you do, you sow evil seed on the ground. You have children and they will take after you. They did us evil, we will pay them back. Will you be free? You will never be free. I remember the time when our fathers went there to farm, they tortured them; it’s our turn now, let them come. Is it not evil seed? Everything can turn around. It may be your turn to feed me today, tomorrow may be my turn. If I feed you today and I’m no more, I have children. Your children will begin to feed my children again. Is it not a turn around? Oh our father told us, when they were there, these people took good care of them; let us take care of them too. When our fathers had no leg, they gave them leg. My son, when you are in a strange land, you have no leg and you have no hand. You have legs, but you cannot use them, and you have hands, but you cannot use them. You cannot go anywhere. It’s the people of that land that will teach you what to do. They are the ones that will make you feel at home. Won’t you have peace? But when you enter as a stranger, they put another fire on you, how will you feel? Why are you here! Why do you come here! How do you managed to come to our land! You have come to eat our food! What will happen to you? Your body will begin to hot. They are chasing you where you are coming from and these ones too put another fire on you. It is better for you to go back to where you are coming from so they can kill you. Isn’t it! Why do you come here; this is our land; you don’t suppose to come. Are you the Owner? Is it your land? You will begin to shake. Oh Father, why; but You told us to go into the world and multiply; oh Father why. Tell me the reason why you are here; you have come to eat the food of our land; isn’t it. Is it your food? Is it yours? It belongs to Me!

You are welcome! Sit down. Where do you come from? Why do you come? As you are telling us, do not tell lies. We can only believe what you tell us because this land belongs to our Father, our Father in heaven, and we believe He is your Father also. We are telling you because no one will do any evil and go free here. We maintain the law of our Father. If you know you’ve done something wrong where you’re coming from, you cannot live here with us because if you have done something there and run to this land, you will do the same thing here also. But if you know you will abide by the law of the Father which we maintain, then you are welcome. If you know you’ve done any evil there, tell us why you are here so we can know what you can do. If you’ve done any evil there and run here, you will also do the same evil here. You cannot do any evil in this land because we maintain the law of our Father. You cannot tell lies here. Tell us the truth from your heart. That person will open up. He will tell you the reason why he’s here and you’ll tell him the way forward. As we are here, we are not here on our own, we’re from our Father. Anyone that did evil must face the evil he did. You must go back and surrender yourself and reconcile with those you offended. After you might have served your punishment, if you come back, we will receive you here. Will he come back again? He will tell others that if you do evil and go there, they will send you back to pay for the evil you do. Our Father said we should not do evil. If we accept you with the evil you’ve done, you will still carry out the same evil here. Therefore, go back and pay the penalty of the evil you did. Go and reconcile with those people you’ve wronged. No, I cannot go back; if I go back, they will kill me. Okay, we will not allow you to go back because we don’t want them to kill you. Will you do evil again? He will say no. However, you will face the consequence of the evil you did. You must pay for the evil you did. How do you pay? You have to know your Father. Purge yourself from every sin you’ve committed because the Father that owns this land will not harbour any evil. We will not hand you over to your enemies because those people are now your enemies; they are after your life. You have to reconcile with your Father now and tell Him you will not do evil again, that you will dance to the ringtone of what we are doing here, the ringtone of holiness. And as you’re here, we are monitoring you. Will that person do evil again? He will not do evil! He will say if I do anything here, they will fish me out and remember the one I did there; let me wash my hand clean. My son, will this earth be good or not? It will be good! They are monitoring you because no one is doing evil among all of them. I will not do evil because they’re watching me; if I do any evil, they will hand me over to my enemies; I will learn lessons. My son, that means to do evil is not good.

When you use the word of the Father to clean your anus as toilet tissue and throw it away, do you think peace will reign? Peace will never reign. You will run helter-skelter. Any law you enforce will fail you because you abandon the law of the Father, and that law should have saved you. You are just wasting your time. My son, they are just wasting their time! Until they go back to the basics, the law of the Father, the law of peace, the law of harmony, there will be no peace. As they’re following it, people will come from West, East, North and South. You will give and you will not feel it because as you’re giving, I’m filling it back again. But when you forget the law of the Father, sorry for you.

When a man does evil and he has already produced children, if the Father lays a curse on him, that curse will follow his children too. Out of the children he produced, some of them may know the Father. Hence those ones are doing the will of the Father and they’re clean, the curse will not follow them. The curse will begin to appear in the lives of some of the children. If a tree produces fruits, not all the whole fruits will spoil. There are some you can eat; there are some you cannot eat. Not all the fruits will spoil. If a curse is laid on a tree, it will also affect some of the fruits. For example, your grandfather did evil. Before he did the evil, he has already given birth to your father. The curse will affect everybody in the house. If you know God, you will begin to pray so that the curse will not spread to where you are. You will wash your hands clean so that the evil will not touch you. Will it affect you? It will not affect you! However, if you’re there, you fail to know the Father; the evil will affect you and affect the children that come out of you. I am still speaking about seed. The cursed tree, you picked a fruit from it and ate. You later allow the seed to dry up and planted it. It grew well and produced fruits. You have now discovered the same sickness that was on the cursed tree from which you picked the fruit and ate is now on some of the fruits produced by your tree which you planted. But when you picked the fruit originally, it was okay. How come? It is a spirit! If it affects the tree, it will also affect every fruit that comes out of that tree as well. You cannot see it physically. You may look at it that the orange is good physically, nothing wrong with it. It is from its generation. As a human being, what then will you do? You have to wash your hand clean. I will never partake of this evil. It’s a choice.

Isaac was a son of Abraham. Ishmael was before Isaac. Why didn’t the blessing of Abraham flow through Ishmael? But the covenant was just a word of mouth. How could a word of mouth affect somebody? But Ishmael came through Abraham. He too could have been clean and holy as Isaac. He should have used his head to carry all the blessings attached to the covenant. My covenant with Abraham was a word of mouth and it was a Spirit! That is all! When the Father chooses you and tell you what He wants to do through you, you have to honour it until the end. Do not go on your own way. You hear the name of Isaac, though Abraham had other children. Why? It was because of the covenant. The blessing of the Father never add sorrow. When the Father says what He wants to do, when He tells you what you should do, you should obey and follow it with all your heart. You have to honour it. Do not go on your own way. There is a blessing that follows every word the Father speaks and there is a curse that follows it as well. If you don’t hearken to the voice of the Father, the curse will follow you. Satan that entered Sarah to give Hagar to Abraham, do you think he just did it? He wanted to destroy the vision of the Father in his life because he knew what he would come to be. If I give him this one, that child will not come; his heart will be divided into two. However, the Father said He would still give him the one He promised because He wanted to prove Himself to the generations that are coming that He is God, but you (Abraham) will face the music by yourself. What is going on now?

It’s only Him that will say His word and bring it to pass, no other person. He is the One that speaks and do it. He will do every word He said. He will bring all to pass. He is a respecter of no person. Nobody feeds Him; nobody cloths Him. Nobody! Every word He says, He will bring it to pass. There is a secret behind every child He brought into this world. I have many children in this world, in different ways. There is a secret behind it. All of them are flesh, they are walking in flesh. Thank you Father; the flower you plant inside my womb is growing. You will carry the child everyday and thank the Father. The food you will give the child is a holy food. When the child is still in your womb, you will select food to eat; you won’t eat anyhow. You don’t suck blood; you don’t do evil. You will eat good food into your body and it will nourish you until you bring out that child. You will begin to breast feed the child. Will the child struggle before the entire Father’s promise in his life come to pass? He will not struggle! Holiness surrounds his entire life. When it is time for him to marry, he will marry. Everything the Father purpose him to do, it will come gradually. He will not struggle because He knows the Father. As he wakes up in the morning, he will thank the Father. Daddy, I thank You. This is evil, I will not do it. He sees two people fighting, ‘oh why are you fighting’; he will separate them. Does he do good or not? He does good. Somebody is down, he needs care, he will raise the person up. Please get up; what do you want; I want food; I don’t have food but I have some money. Does he do good? He does good. Everything will begin to come out stage by stage to the fulfilment of the Father’s word. The Father is watching him and He is happy. Along the line, Satan is there to bring him down because he is there right from the beginning. Even if he wants to fall into temptation, the Father will wave it away from him. Satan is there seeking whom to devour all the time, but the Father is there to protect him because he does not commit sin with his hands. The sin you commit with your hands is very painful and it’s worse because you commit it with your soul and spirit. The mother that gave birth to you conceived you inside sin. She gave birth to you inside sin and she fed you inside sin. When you grow up, what do you do? They didn’t show you the word of the Father and the sins you committed while you were in your mother’s womb is still in your blood and it’s working against you. She now shares part of it for you. Go, this is your inheritance. It’s like a child that is not strong enough to walk and you tell him to go. How can he go when he’s not strong to walk? That means you want to destroy the child. A child learns how to walk; he will rise several times and fall. The mother supposed to teach him. My son, I am your mother; on this earth you are, don’t do evil; if you see something that is evil, don’t do it. The mother is teaching him. What is she sowing into your life? She is sowing good seed into your life. She will not leave you alone. She will hold you by the hand to lead you to the Father. My son, anything you want to do, don’t use your own initiative to do it; if you want to marry a wife, don’t marry anyhow; let the Father I serve choose wife for you; cleave your spirit to the Father, He will show you what to do. Will he enter into temptation? Will he enter wrong hands? No! He will not enter the wrong hands. But what did some mothers do? Go; if you like break your leg. Why? Because she knows what she has done. She is an evil mother! She is wiser than you. She knows your leg is not strong. She should have taught you everything, but she kept all these ones to herself because she knows what she has done. When I say teach your child the way of God! You that teach your child the way of God, you sow a good seed into his life. You will not leave that child alone. When he grows, he will remember everything. He will remember you every day. When you die, you are going straight to that place (heaven). He will not cry because he knows you’re going to rest with the Father. Oh my father, I will die with you. You want to die with your father because you are flesh and you know where he’s going. If your father dies, you supposed to be happy because you know the kind of life your father lived, the life of holiness, the life of righteousness. He took the Almighty God as his everything. The death of your father supposed to be a thing of happiness for you. He is going home to rest, everlasting rest and everlasting peace. Does it supposed to be a thing of sorrow everyday? Oh, I will not answer anybody today; if anybody greets me today I will not answer; I don’t know what to do; I don’t know what to eat; where will I start from. Because you are flesh and your father also was flesh. Today, oh let me remember my father. You want to buy cloth and celebrate because you want to remember your father so he could be happy where he is. Who told you? Who told you? Is that what you will do for somebody who has gone to the grave and his spirit is in torment? Is it a remembrance you will do to give him peace where he is, the person that did not know God before he died? You are doing everything because you are flesh. What are you supposed to do? You should hold your Father very tight! Father, I thank You; Father, I thank You; Father, I thank You; I will know You more; I thank You because my father that gave birth to me knew You before he died and I know I will be with You by the end of the day. But you’re cooking for people to eat. You are wasting your money. You are wasting your money to cook for people. Where then is the Father? Because the person you are cooking and eating for cannot hear anything. Oh, supposing my son even knows where I am now! He cannot come and tell you he’s in hellfire. He will be thinking how to contact you so you will not come to where he is. You cannot see him! How can you see him when you’re not in the Spirit? It is through the Spirit you will know where he is, not through the food you’re cooking and eating. When you are in the Spirit, the Father will show you where your dead father is. The spirit can never die; it is the flesh that dies. If his spirit is in heaven, He will let you know; if he’s in hellfire, He will let you know. If you know your Father, He will show you where your dead father is. Oh, if my father is in heaven, I will do more so that I can go there too. But when your father is there tormenting in the pool of fire, how can you know? When your spirit is in the Father and your dead father was the one that led you to the Father, and you see him in hellfire, what are you supposed to do? Oh, if my father could serve the Almighty God and he is now in hellfire, I will adjust myself; I know how my father served God; I know how he committed himself to the Father; what was his weak point; why would he go to hellfire; let me search myself. That means there were some things he did which he shouldn’t have done. You now begin to serve your Father in flesh. You cook every year to remember your dead father and you forget that the road is a narrow road because the chicken you are eating will not take you there. It is holiness that will take you there. Father, I thank you for your son that worked for you and you took; I want to know where my Father is. The Father will show you because you want to know where your dead father is, because you are walking in the Spirit. He will show you. The Father will show you where he is. It will make you hold your Father the more. But your eye is blind. Your ear is blocked. You can neither see nor hear. You are serving your Father blindly. The Father is Almighty Father. You cannot serve your Father and remain blind. The spiritual controls the physical. If you serve your Father in the Spirit, He will open your spiritual eyes to see. After the death of Jesus Christ and His ascension back to heaven, He opened the eyes of all His disciples to see where He is. That was why they had more courage to hold on to the Father. After His death, He opened their eyes, all of them to see where He is. That was why they were convinced and they vowed not to ever go back. After His departure, did you hear that any of them went back? They worked earnestly more than they should have done. They saw their death with their naked eyes. Why? Because of where they were going, that it’s more beautiful than here. They tied their belt and vowed not to ever go back. None of them ran away. The Almighty Father opened their eyes to see their destination. You will see Jesus Christ only if you do His will. They ran the race more than before. While Jesus was with them, they were very weak. But after His departure, they became strong because He opened their eyes to see where they were going.

My son, many of My children are regretting where they are. They want to come back and amend their ways, but they could not. Many of them in the time of old did not know the Father. They went to church and serve the Father, but they did not give their soul and their spirit to the Father. All those kind of people regrets after they died; they want to come back and amend things but they could not. One is to go to the church; one is to surrender your spirit, soul, and body to the will of the Father. Many of them just go to church because people are going there. They just follow the multitude. They don’t know the consequence. When they die, they’ll begin to regret. Nobody teaches them deeply about the Father, what it takes to do the will of the Father. They will say nobody is teaching them. Had I known it would be like this; nobody taught me about the Father. That was why I told you many of them are in the church but are not born-again. They don’t know what it takes to serve the Father. I know how to sing, that is why I go there. You go there to sing; is everything about singing alone? Until you do the will of the Father! If you don’t do the will of the Father, you know where you are going. That is why He brought His Son Jesus Christ into this world. I told you those who are still following the Law of Moses fail. They fail My son! They fail because they are not doing the will of the Father. There are some things you are doing and you think you’re still inside the Father. The Father doesn’t want those things anymore. But you are still doing them. Yes, it was the Father that brought the Law. Why did He bring His Son? It was the same Father that brought the Law, now He brought the Son so you could focus on Him. The Son is now the Law because of you. The sin you will commit that will make somebody cut off your hand; the Son has already carried it. Focus on the Son, do the will of the Son. That is all. But you say no, you will still stand on the Law of Old. Why then did the Son come? That means the purpose of the Son is shattered. You still hold on to the time of old. Many of them are not serving the Father. Those who are still doing those things are not doing My will. There is no any other law than the Law of My Son. Jesus Christ is the Law. Whoever does anything outside Jesus is not doing My will. Jesus Christ is the All-In-All. If you think you can apply any law, you can introduce any law that will conquer the Law of My Son, you do yourself harm. Everything the Father says you should not do, don’t do it. That is all. Don’t do it! Whenever the Father says something is not good, don’t do it. That is why the Son came physically. I told you the Law that hold marrying wives. I told you they should stop marrying wives. That is why My Son came. Oh, David was after the Father’s heart and he married many wives. Did Jesus Christ come in the time of David? All of them fail My son. The Father tackled everything to connect to His children, for the children to hear His voice so they would follow Him. That was why He brought His Son Jesus Christ. The Father is moving forward everyday to reach His children. He does everything every day to make sure He reaches His children. That was why He killed His Son for you to know the Father the more. You were offering sacrifice before, isn’t it? Jesus Christ came and there is no more sacrifice to offer. But you are still offering sacrifice and you think you are still inside the Father. You do yourself harm. The Father that brought the Old Testament also brought the New Testament. It was the Old before the New. Instead of you going to the New one, you still hold on to the Old one. You will find yourself to blame because if the Father wanted to remain in that Old Testament, He wouldn’t have brought the New Testament. All the Laws of Jesus Christ are about holiness. But you still hold on to the Old Testament. It’s like bathing with old water all the time and now give you clean water to bathe. That clean water will wash every dirtiness away from your body. That is the New Testament. It is very easy to abide by the Law of the New Testament. It is very easy! It is straight forward. That is why the Father brought His Son. Do you know more than the Father? But you still hold on to the Old water. You want to die in it. Don’t you know you are very far away from the Father? That is why evil is everywhere. There are many Laws inside the New Testament. Anyone that put a mark on his body, anyone that cuts his body knows where he’s going. You are cutting your body; what are you putting on your body? Is it not mark? Where is your blood going? Where do they keep all the blood that comes out of your body? As they’re cutting you, where is your blood going? Where then is the blood of My Son? This is not that you mistakenly have an accident. Whatever happens, the Father will forgive you. Besides, accident does not come anyhow. It comes from the devil. But you purposely go there for them to slaughter you. Where is all the blood that comes out of your body? Where is it? If they shoot somebody, he will die. Blood will cover his whole body and it will sink to the ground. But you are still alive! Where is your blood? You are still alive walking and your blood is somewhere sorrowful. My son, there is power in that blood you see. The blood you’re wasting can save somebody’s life. That blood they collect into a bucket and throw away can save somebody’s life. The blood is weeping somewhere. For you to know there is power in the blood you are shedding. You are tearing your body, where do you keep the blood? You are eating and dancing, oh, I am fine and beautiful; but your blood is crying somewhere. Don’t you know you have failed? Because you don’t know what the Father used to form that blood. The Father brought His Son. Once His blood is shed, that is all. That is why the Father hates those who are killing people, those who are shedding innocent blood. You are shedding your blood and you’re alive; your blood is somewhere crying because you want to become more beautiful. Why? My son, everything they’re doing, they forget the consequence that surrounds it. They think they’re just doing it. I said your blood that you shed is crying somewhere; do you think you will have peace? The part of your body that you threw away, will you have peace here? Because all is the handwork of the Father! You will never have peace. As the Father created you, He makes sure everything is okay for you. But you said no, you want to look more beautiful. Not only you spoil the handwork of the Father; you also destroy yourself. You will never see peace. The beauty is only for a moment, but the torment you will experience even while you are here is everlasting. You will be sorrowful until you die. You looked at yourself; you went and removed your organ. Everlasting sorrow! That organ you removed work with your body. If you are a man, God chose you to be a man. Everything will work with the man He created you to be. You have now removed the organ; you are now a woman. You should behave like a woman! No matter how you learn it, you cannot, because all your being is a being of a man. You cut yourself to be a man. Can it work? It cannot work. Your blood, every of your system, your soul, your spirit is a woman. You cut yourself to be a man. Can it work? It can never work. You will be sorrowful everyday. Your thinking is a woman’s thinking. Do you know more than the Father? The thinking of a man is a man’s thinking. Both of them are not the same. The Father knows what He did. I have told you before; no matter how strong a woman may be, she cannot be like a man, and no matter how a man may be, he cannot be like a woman. The Father differentiates it. He created woman out of man. You are a woman, you change yourself to a man and you want to have a male organ. You cannot! Can’t you see, you’ve failed! You have failed! You are a man, you want to behave like a woman; it can never work. You fail. You fail yourself; you fail the Father that created you because you will face the consequence. You fail yourself and fail your generation. You fail everybody. You will suffer it. You will pay for it. You disappoint your children.

My son, if they accept Jesus Christ, they will be accepted, but they’ve done damage to their lives while on earth. While they are here, they will never enjoy. As a man cuts himself to be a woman, his spirit and soul remains a man because you cannot change the Father’s handwork. That is why I said the doctors will pay for it. You can only change the Father’s handwork here because your body is sand. But the soul and the spirit are still a man. He will regret it here. They have cut a piece of the body away; he cannot enjoy. I told you, it’s easy to destroy, but to repair it’s difficult. Here on earth, he will suffer it. If you know the Father, when you die, you will take back your body, the body of a man. God created you to be a man. You cannot change the Father’s handwork. You can only change it here. Your spirit and your soul remain a man. Any time you die, you will take back your real form, the form of a man. You will see yourself you are a man. It is then you will know the consequence of what you did because They will show you. You are welcome; you are a man; while you were there, you said you’re a woman; look at yourself; who is this; you’ll say it’s you; what are you now; you are a man; why are you a man; because the Father created you to be a man. You can cut yourself physically, but you can never cut yourself spiritually. Your spiritual will still control your physical. Here, you cut yourself as a woman. When you die, you are a man because you were created to be a man. The Father engraved your soul to be a man. It’s not by mistake. That is why the Father says He will never forgive the witches who go to the spiritual realm changing things. You will go and change somebody because you have power. As He created a man, He created a woman and He knows the reason. Oh, I don’t want to give birth to a baby girl. You will now go to somebody who will change that baby to male. The blessing that attaches to a woman is not the blessing that attaches to a man. You will see that a man will come out, but he’s a woman. He cannot do anything good because the blessing that attach to him is the blessing of a woman. He is a woman because that is whom the Father created her to be. But they changed her to be a man. The spirit and soul remains a woman, but they’ve changed her physically to be a man.

My son, I am not a magician. When I created you to be a man, you will remain a man, and when I created you to be a woman, you will remain a woman. When I created you to be a man, there is a blessing that attaches to it, and when I created you to be a woman, there is a blessing that attaches to it as well. I have the power to do everything. If you plant a mango tree, when it is time for it to produce fruit, it now produces plantain; have you seen it before? The blessing of a man is for a man and the blessing of a woman is for a woman. A man cannot have the blessing of a woman. Have you ever seen a man pregnant? A man cannot be pregnant. I am the One that has the power to create, power to remove, and power to restore. It is not magic. My son, I will never forgive the witches. When I created somebody to be a man, by the end of the day they will change him into a woman. When she comes to life, she will behave like a man because his spirit and soul is a man. Not everything she sees she will like. Instead of loving a man, she will love a woman because she is a man. She is a man! Her soul and spirit is of a man, but she’s a woman physically. She will love what men love. She will do everything like a man. The evil people did it. That is why I said I will not forgive the evil ones because they destroy the handwork of the Father. As you’re going into the world, you are the one that will carry the load of that home. As you are there, the blessing will multiply. What then will the evil people do? Because there is a devil in that home, he doesn’t like what is good. You cannot be a man because I don’t want you to carry the load of this family; I will turn you into a woman. All of them in that home don’t know their Father. If you know the Father and you’re inside Him everyday, nobody will turn your baby. Now they turn him into a woman. What did I say about a woman? She is a helper to a man. Each child they do that kind of evil to, they know the kind of child he should have become. They know exactly what he would become on this earth. My son, there is a wonderful child I planted in each home to lift the family up. But what happened? They forsake the Father. They don’t want to know the Father. Even if you are inside the Father, even though you go to church, you have to allow your spiritual to control your physical. Before you are pregnant, you will know the kind of child the Father wants to give you. You will not walk blindly. If anything is coming, the Father will open your eyes to see it. What then should you do? You will protect that child with everything you have. Can any demon come and carry the child away from your belly? No; because you are spiritual. They cannot carry him away and replace him with another. My son, I did not give My children evil children. It was the evil ones that did it and the children now begin to torment their parents. I do not give any evil child. Any child I give is wonderful child. It was the demons that do it to bring sorrow to that family. Even if you don’t know Me, I do not give any of My children evil child. I never give a sorrowful child to anybody. They caused it with their hands. This is what we met in this family; this is what we’re serving. As you are serving that thing, it now enters inside the blessing the Father give to you. The Father will never give you evil child. Know your Father; if you know your Father, He will know you too. If you know your Father, He will protect everything He gives to you. If they are serving a female goddess in that family, all the children that come from that home will be female. That goddess will change all the children to female. Because the Father has already planted the child there, she will enter and begins to manipulate. She will plant her spirit in all the children. She will now push the spirit of the Father to one corner because the parents do not know the Father. That demon is the food they’re eating, the house they’re living. In fact, that demon directs everything in that home. But if the Father says no, you cannot change this one; this one is My own; this house must have a head; then they will flee.

My son, is anything too hard for the Father to do? If a man or a woman in that situation knows Me, I know exactly what to do. What it takes to be a man, the Father will give it to you. And what it takes to be a woman, the Father will give it to you. Though I did not create you to be a man, I created you to be a woman, I will give you what it takes to be a woman. If you are a woman physically, you will marry to a man, though your soul and spirit is of a man. That means two men in the same house. What then will I do? I will cut you down to be a woman. You will learn how to submit to a man. My son, there are many of them out there. They cannot be under a man. Yes, they are women physically because the devil changed them. I cannot be under a man; I cannot even marry; I want to be on my own. She is right! She cannot be under a man because she’s a man. Nobody understands her. She is speaking from a spiritual perspective. You were created to be a man, to marry and control your home. But the devil changed you because he knew what you would be. But when all these people come to the Father, He will cut them down so they can meet the need of this earth. He will teach them how to be submissive to a man. My son, there are some men, when you see them you will know they are women. Their behaviour is like women. They are married. When you see them, they are very soft. Through the word of their mouth, you will know they are women. But when they die, they will take their form back, the form of a woman. It was the enemies that did them evil. They don’t want them to meet the need of the Father. I told you the devil never do anything good. He watched the Father while He was creating everything. He now wants to destroy the handwork of the Father. You can never destroy the handwork of the Father. You cannot! You will find yourself to blame.

My son, how can he feel sorry? I told you I have set the judgement of good and evil right from the beginning. Any category you fall into, you will manage it. Whoever dies, can he come back to this earth again? When you do evil and go to hellfire, you cannot come here to live again. That is why the devil is happy. That was why I drove him to this earth. He knows he cannot go back there. He cannot go back! He always looks where he’s going. That is why I said as long as you live on this earth, you should live your life to please the Father because when you die, you cannot come back to do rectification. You cannot rectify anything. It is good and bad; you have to choose one. Those who fall into his category find themselves to blame. Do you think he’s just luring people to his kingdom? He knows they’ve failed, no turning back. He uses many tricks to hold My children so they could not go back to their Father. Do you think the Father just chased him? The Father that knows the ending from the beginning! He didn’t want to repent. He has signed evil. Somebody that created you, that brought you out of His body, you now rebelled against His handwork. Which sorry! Where did it take place? It took place in heaven. Why then did the Father drive him to this earth? He knows He wants the children back by the end of the day. The Father drove him here so that those who want to follow him should follow him while they’re here. He wants to know the good ones. The Father already created hellfire when He created heaven. But why didn’t He send him straight to hellfire? Why did He drive him to this earth? If what he did could take place in heaven, then let Me drive him to this earth for Me to know those who are truly Mine. By the end of the day, I will know those who want to come back to Me. That was why I sent him here. Because when it happened, some people followed him. I purposely sent him here to tempt them to know those who will come to Me. As he came, he began to do his work and many of them followed him. I don’t want any rebel to come there. Everybody that is there are original. I don’t want any counterfeit there. Those who are in heaven are singing and doing their work. How many years have We been doing it now? I told you before that if the Father chooses to destroy the earth today, He is the One that owns it. It was His vision. Nobody will ask the Father what He will do tomorrow. Nobody has right to ask the Father what He will do with His kingdom. Those who call themselves teachers, those ones I called to teach My children holiness so they could come back to Me, they themselves have not even tasted the holiness with their mouth. But they’re teaching what they don’t know. When I destroyed this earth in the time of Noah, I told you it wasn’t easy. How much more there! Why are they teaching what they don’t know? If I had destroyed this earth, nobody could have come to exist again. But I destroyed everything in it. If I want to destroy this earth again, I will only destroy everything in it as I did before. Who told them I want to destroy heaven? Do they know what is there? They are studying the earth; they cram everything and put it in their memory. Do they know how the earth managed to exist? You are studying the earth and you’re tracing it with your finger. Do you think it’s easy? Why are they saying what they don’t know? My son, holiness is the key of your message. Bring My children back to Me. That is all. Those who turn everything upside down, they will pay for it. And for you My son, if you go contrary to My word, you will not even go to hellfire; I will eliminate you because I know what I’m doing with you. All of them don’t want to admit when they do bad. They are telling you it’s not from the Father because it’s not ‘blessing, blessing, blessing’. The Father is not a wicked Father. If it’s not from the Father, when the children ate the fruit, why did He drive them away from the Garden? If it’s not the Father! Why did He drive them away from the Garden? Was it not ordinary fruit they ate? The precious children that you love, you came to speak to them everyday. Why did He drive them away from the Garden because of ordinary fruit? Don’t they know they’ve failed? The Father is not a wicked Father. Then why did He drive them away from the Garden? Didn’t you read it? Did they kill a human being? Did they kill any animal? There were many animals I created that were there with them. They killed none of them. Why did He drive them away because of the food they ate? Why? Then how can they say it’s not the Father that is speaking? Was it not their belly they fed with the fruit? Then why did the Father drive them away from their beautiful home? Because it was a sin!!! Then when the Father speaks, why will they say it’s not the Father that is speaking? If they could eat ordinary fruit and the Father laid His judgement upon them, you all should know that whatever sin you commit, you will pay for it. I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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