The Unpredictable God

The Father speaks

(Saturday 12th June 2010, 11:45)

I am Unpredictable Father. In Me, there is no sorrow. In Me, there is joy. I am the God of joy. You cannot do it by yourself. Whichever situation you find yourself, just click in Me. You have to click in Me every minute, every hour. I am a Winner. I am the Everlasting Father. I’m in My throne. Take every fear away from your heart. I will never move, I will never be destroyed. Don’t think how tomorrow will be, tomorrow will take care of itself. Just click in Me every minute, every hour. I am the Father that directs. I am All-In-All. Anointing breaks every yoke. I want you to be asking for it every hour. Take every worry away from your heart. Anybody touches you, touches Me. You are the apple of My eyes. All powers belong to Me. In heaven and on earth, all powers belong to Me. Just invite the Holy Spirit upon yourself every minute, every hour.

The truth is bitter; preach the truth. Speak the truth wherever you go. You are not going there for entertainment. Preach it in a hard way. Don’t look at anybody’s face. Silver and gold belong to Me. Tell them they should learn more of Me. Two captains cannot be on a ship. I am Everlasting Life. My burden is very light. I am not a bondage to anybody. I am the Life. Tell them.

Tell My servants, they should not be afraid of what to preach. I am the I am that I am. I am the Husband of Pharaoh. They should preach My word as they supposed to. Tell My servants, they should not hide the truth from My children; unless they are doing it for their own sake. My people perish for lack of knowledge. All of them, they follow the same way. They turned the word to suit their own way.

With agony, with pains, He (Jesus) died for truth. Do you think it’s easy? Why do you all Christians want everything sweet-sweet? Those who suffered for the word, are you different from them? What happened to Hannah? She has been going to Shiloh for many years. Her life changed when she met My word.

When I asked Noah to build the ark; do you think it was so easy? He went ahead to build the ark. Ordinary people thought he was mad. He did everything, but I had the purpose.

My son, anybody that is close to you, tell them about Me.

My son, do you know many people are weeping today? Some are crying, some are in pains. Many are afflicted by the devil. They forget about their mansions. My Spirit is in everybody I created.

Adulterers are everywhere, even on My altar, My servants commit adultery. Eat and clean your mouth, which is what they do. As long as no one sees me. I’m in My throne and I shake My head. My children I created after My heart. I made them to be number one in everything I created. A time is coming; all of them will resurrect and go to hellfire. That is the second death. They think they have money to pay. You cannot insult Me and go just like that. You will pay forever.

When you die now, it’s either you go to heaven or hellfire. The churchgoers, they don’t too much know about Me, especially this land. All of them will go to hellfire. Some of them that are dead, their spirit is roaming about everywhere. They will later resurrect and go to hellfire.

Who will say and make it happen when I’ve not said it? All powers belong to Me. The evil men do lives after them. No one will try Me and go free. I am the God of old and the God of new. What happened at the water of Meribah? Whenever anyone wants to make your life bitter, I will return it back to them. Fear not, I am with you. I am the Beginning, and I am the Ending. I am a True Father. The evil people say they will never rest. They forget I am the Owner of this world. I am a Great Physician. I am a Seer. Can anybody come from outside to trouble you? Satan can use anybody to represent. Wickedness is hovering everywhere. Their own is just to perform wickedness. The God of peace will see you all through. You will never see any entanglement in this world. God of peace will give you and your household peace. I will condemn whoever wants to condemn you. I will raise war against whoever wants to raise war against you. I said it; will it not come to pass? I will make them eat and taste out of the iniquity they planned. They will see how it is. They will know how it is. What they planned, I will revert it back to them. I am a Father. I am enough for you. A Sufficient Father, Unbeatable Father, the Reigning Father.

Either they serve this or that; it’s only Me they call upon. There is no other God, I am the only One. If I give you anything, that doesn’t mean you can come to Me. Things of this earth perish with you here. You can be nothing here because of Me, but you will be with Me there.

Many of My servants turn everything upside down. Emulate what is good. Let wickedness be things of the past. Let revenge go away. My word is settled all the time. I can speak through anybody. When they speak, you will know. Holiness, peace, sanctification. I am a True Father. I am not a confusionist.

When you give birth to a baby, how does he look like? Pure! From the age a child knows the difference between good and evil, that is the time he continue to commit sin when he deliberately choose to do evil. This was exactly what Jesus meant when He said you must be born again. Let My children emulate what is good.

Many of My children, there are all kinds of evil in their hands. There are all kinds of wickedness in their hands. Even My servants; greed, wickedness!

Many churches have turned to market now. They have now forgotten what they are pursuing. There are still some of them there, they want to acquire wealth. That day, everybody will give account of himself. All I need is your heart.

You are preaching caring; if you spread that money you waste on expensive things to My children, they will be happy.

Their riches will fail them. Everything will fail them. Those who know Me, they are the only Ones I will elevate.

There is no condemnation in those who believe in Jesus Christ. Old things have passed away; all things become new. Who has the power to forgive sin? Come unto Me all ye that are heavy laden. Do you think that Jesus can truly carry your load? Many of them don’t believe Jesus can carry their load. They struggle and struggle. Before you know it, the time has passed. What is the meaning of to believe? Where is the load we are talking about? It’s unseen load. It’s a spiritual thing. You cannot see it, but I can see it. Because of the worries of this world, they continue to swim inside sin. I am only One, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. I am a Holy Spirit. I am only One. My teachings base on understanding. It has logic, it has so many roots. You can teach it the way it will favour you or favour the other person. But I love those who speak the truth. If you want to serve Me, serve Me in the Spirit. If you are in the Spirit, you can always see Me.

What happened in Acts of Apostles? They said so many things. If they could take Jesus away, what about us. I was looking at them. When the power came, what happened? Was it by their power? Since Jesus died and rose, have you seen anyone else that rose from the dead? Jesus is a Spirit. I am God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Can ordinary person do it? Go back to when Mary became pregnant. How did she become pregnant? Did any man sleep with her? What kind of child was in her then? Spirit! Who betrayed Him? Did He know or not? Mission accomplished!

Ask My children: What are they hearing; what are they learning; what are they doing? If they learn about Me, they will do exactly what My word says. Where Jesus Christ preached, many of them were there. They enjoyed the preaching and didn’t want to leave. They repented with their whole heart. Repent, repent, the Kingdom of God is at hand. Yes, My servants preach, it’s sweet and they are nodding their head. Are they doing it? How many rich men do you think they can give their ALL to the poor? But when they heard the preaching, it was sweet.

The time is near, the time is near. Whoever is doing evil should remove his hands from evil, they should remove their hands from idol. There is going to be a judgement. It can’t happen, they have said it before. Surprise! It will happen. There was a prophecy concerning Abraham that the children will be enslaved in Egypt. Did it happen? The people now think this is the end of life. They say when you die, you die. Do you think it’s hard to destroy this world? Do you remember the time of Noah? Do you know how long it took Me to create this earth? Yes, it’s easy to count first day, second day, third day. Do you know how long it took Me to level the whole earth, to create every creature? It’s easy to count it like that. Do you know why I told Noah to pick everything male and female? I could have said, let everything just go like that. Will you be alive today?

Do you know that some of My children, after they gave birth to their children, they will kill them. What did I say concerning the person who kills? Do you know why I purposely put that law? So that when others see it, they will not do it again. What is happening now? They pamper evil, they paint evil, even in My house, when somebody does evil, they cover it so they can continue in their evil.

Yes, I am a Wonderful Father. I am a Merciful Father. I forgive you today, you go back again. When you plant an evil seed, which kind of seed will it germinate? Evil seed too. What did Jesus Christ say? Every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cast into the lake of fire.

I want to tell you something. If you plant any plant, it germinates and grows, then you cut it, and you cut it again, and you cut it again. It will get to a stage where it won’t grow again. If you plant any good plant to bring you good fruit to eat, as it grows you cut it. It will get to a stage where it won’t grow again. Now you are hungry, you want to eat fruit. This is an example of a woman who kills her children. Because the reason is best known to her, that is why she’s uprooting them one-by-one. That seed you are cutting, do you know how it managed to exist? That seed you uproot, if you leave it to grow, it will grow another seed, and that seed will grow another seed, and that seed will grow another seed. Do you know what she has caused? Ignorance! Ignorance! Ignorance! It was like someone who bought land, cleared the land, built a house, and now set fire into the house by herself. It’s not by mistake, but she purposely set it on fire by herself. How does it look like in your own eyes?

Yes, the devil afflicts. If you know Me from the beginning, the devil will not afflict you. You will run away from sin if you know My word right from the beginning. That is why whoever has not given his life to Me, whenever he gives his life to Me, I forgive because he did everything in ignorance. If you know My word and you purposely do it, a sinner will not go unpunished. Yes, a sinner will not go unpunished.

Do you know about Cain and Abel? Why was his offering not accepted? Because his heart did not release it. After all, He does not see me; let me give this one to Him. Do you know why I use this as an example? Because of all My children who preach My word. When My children listen to My servants, they give My children back to Me. If you do it in your own way, I will give it back to you and I will punish you. Ask Me before you go to the pulpit. You take the good of it and you give Me the chaff. That is why I give you the example of Cain and Abel. Before grace and spirit, which one first came to existence? Ten Commandments! If it’s Ten Commandments, what are they saying? I am going, I will send the Comforter, He will give you the power to do what you can’t do. The power came and they began to do what they couldn’t do. The flesh has failed a lot of them. What are they saying?

What happened to Hannah? Who was she? Did Elkanah have other children? What did Hannah always do? She didn’t say I’ve been going there (Shiloh) always. Those who wait upon Me, they will do what? Many of My children, yes, they are coming to My house; if they don’t get what they’re looking for immediately, they will go from church to church looking for miracles. As a result of this, they run into destruction. Sometimes, they blame the man of God. I search all hearts. If your heart is clean, even there in your room, I will visit you, I will bless you, I will reveal the secret of secrets to you.

Don’t you know that some of My children in the olden days didn’t have knowledge of Me. When they see evil, they run away from it. Do you know why I say this? A lot of them in My house do evil. You know I hate hand that shed innocent blood. I hate backbiting. Have you searched yourself why God is not blessing you? Put a knife in the fire, what will happen to it? Every of My word is very deep. Love your neighbour as yourself. What you don’t want someone to do to you, don’t do it to another. The food you cannot eat, why giving it to another? There is evil everywhere. It’s only those who recognise Me, who enter My shelter, those are the ones free from the wickedness of this world. With God, I will make it; with Jesus, I will make it; even if He doesn’t do it, I am happy with Him. The name of Jesus is fire for the devil. If you do business with Jesus, you will never loose. If you want to be of the devil, be of the devil; if you want to be for Me, be for Me; for I am a jealous God. I am not a confusion Father.

Do you know why I always tell you about sin and holiness? Because sin is the weapon of the devil. Anything you hide in the corner of your heart, the devil will use it against you. As big as I am, I don’t have a limousine. I don’t have this, I don’t have that. Is anyone bigger than Me? They want to change the foundation I set and lay theirs. The foundation of truth, the foundation of My Gospel, they want to change it to their own. All I need is your soul because your soul will redevelop to another body. If you miss it, you will regret your life.

In Me there is no condemnation. It is your character that will bring you out. When you choose evil way, then it follows you.

My son, all animals in the bush, are they the same pattern? I am the One who created them. Nobody is accursed. Do you know the story of Africa? The ones they mentioned are what you know. I mentioned ten generations that time. How did My children in Africa know about Me? They never knew Me, they were all worshipping idols. Who was Moses? Where was he brought up? Why did I choose him? I know why I picked him. I always search all hearts. Though he was trained in Pharaoh’s palace, he was not like them. In the Wilderness, what happened to the golden calf? My children who knew Me, they turned back and you see what happened to them. How much more those who have never knew Me.

I made this earth a befitting place for My children. When evil began to multiply, it affected their children, their cattle and the ground they cultivated as well. When you shed innocent blood, it affects everything. When the husband and wife are happy, what happens to their children? When you are happy, your plant, everything will grow well for you.

Why is it that a well known man did evil and he doesn’t suffer the punishment alone, but follows his children and their generation, even his cattle? Because that is My word. The heart that harbour evil will never know peace. A wicked will never go unpunished.

You’ve been to many lands in Europe, how many houses did you enter and see them have a shrine? They (Africans) even lured these people to do evil. They sold their gods to them. You cannot serve two gods. They are My handmade. You trust them, you believe in them.

Nobody can have it unless I give it. Things of this world will perish with this world. When somebody wants to start a race, how does he stand? He will stand on one-and-half legs. Every of My chosen servant suppose to be like that. You don’t suppose to balance your two feet on the ground. When the whistle blows, you are gone; because very soon the whistle will blow. One hundred people may start a race; only two people may finish it. You want the things of this world, you want a house, you want a vehicle, and everything will end. I told you before that many of My children started well, now they balance their two feet on the ground. Their name is reigning everywhere, but are they doing My will! Do you think I just come down to speak to you? I may come today, you will be with Me. All those ones you mentioned will go somewhere else, which I don’t want to mention. Do not let your heart deceive you. I am a Father. I am the One that owns every season. Why are you troubling yourself because of the things of this world? Tell My children to give their heart to Me, in their kitchen, in their closet. Those who are running after miracle, are they doing My will? I will open the book for them. I will ask them. I am watching all of them right now. I am like this, I am like that. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus; can you be like Jesus? He walked on His feet, He had no shelter to stay, He passed the night where He finished with the day's journey. Tell Me, where He oppressed people; where He acquired limousine. When somebody came to Him, that person wanted to do things that were not in line with the word of God; did He tell him to pray to cover it up? I sit on My throne, they are coming to meet Me. The wealth I give to you, I did not give it to you to keep. I give it so you can give others who are in need, not to acquire things of this world. I told you to preach to My children, I did not tell you to exploit them. What is tithe and offering for? For the Levites – those who do My work without any income, the widows and the orphans. Now, many of My children serve Me in pains and sorrow. They don’t know what the man of God will ask them again. Ah, whoever does not know Me will know Me. They are all coming to Me and I will pay them back. I am looking at all of them. The era you are now, all of you are still happy. The condition you people are now, you are eating honey and drinking milk. The time is coming when everything will become scarce, but I will care for My children.

You know how to do it, you know how to educate, and you know how to speak eloquently. You now forget about Me. There will be an outcry very soon. This one that is on the throne, very soon he will regret himself. He will hate himself to the extent that he will have a heart attack. He will not know peace again. Where should we go now? They will begin to ask many questions.

I hate lying lips, I hate oppression. All those people don’t have a place in Me. They have no share in My place. Lying lips, false witnesses! Many of them are seeking for Me but their heart is very far from Me. I’m more than as they speak about Me. When you seek Me with all your heart, I will make your heart a dwelling place. But if your heart is far from Me, I cannot dwell there. People see you go to church everyday, but your heart is far from Me. You continue to carry the load alone. If you don’t believe I can do it, then I will not do it. You are going forward and you are looking elsewhere, how can you go two places at a time? I carry the wine full of different mixtures. I carry the cup. Whoever is thirsty that drinks of Me will thirst no more. It’s not like the worldly people give. When you are full of it, you will thirst no more.

Do you know chameleon? How does it change its colour? That is how My children are. I am the One that searches every heart. The hidden things that you do not know, I know them. When you are talking with two lips, I know. You know it’s very difficult to do something together with those kind of people. When you see them clapping hands in the church, they deceived many of My children. Because they know they are in the way of destruction, they lured many of My children into it. Before you know, it will be too late. The Father you are serving, calling upon every day, if you know He can’t save you, why are you calling upon Him? All types of weather, I am there. I never change. When you serve Me and the devil visits you, if you fall away, I am still the Father. When you come back and repent, I will still accept you back, because I am the Father and you are My child. If I say you should go away, where should you go? When you turn from your evil way to the way of holiness and purity, I will accept you again. I told you I hate deceptive tongue, liars. They have no place in Me. When you change like the chameleon, you cannot serve Me. I have told you before; the weapon of Satan is sin. Anything you do in your closet that no human being sees, I can see it. When it happens, human being can talk. They will say Lord, why did it happen. I know My sheep and My sheep know Me. They never deny Me. You look at outward and I look at inward. Will you defeat Me or will you judge Me. You cannot judge Me. All these things I’m saying, it’s like I’m a talkative. I know why I’m saying this because very soon, the trumpet will sound. So, guard your heart with My word. Do not follow the way of hypocrites, the way of deceivers.

My pastor says! Are you following what your pastor says or what God says? Those who preach My word in selfishness, I will judge them. There are some things you don’t want to do, you will do it because of Me. You know John the Baptist? He lived like a mad man. He ate like an animal in the bush. What happened to Him at last? All because of Me. How many of My children can boast of that? He is not blessing me, He blessed this, He blessed that, He’s not even seeing me, I will go on my own way. I am seeing you! Are you better than those who are sick? Are you better than those who cannot walk?

What is the work of Jesus Christ? What did He do when John the Baptist was in the prison? One is to preach the Gospel, one is to witness. Why did John the Baptist asked about the person of Jesus? What happened to Elijah? Why are you running the race you cannot finish? This word of mouth has power. He spoke as if he wanted to ridicule somebody. The person you have been preaching about, now you say they should ask if we should be expecting another Messiah. My children don’t understand so many of My words.

Evil controls this world. The air you breathe in is full of pollution. The conclusion is this: Hold on to Me in times of joy, in time of sorrow, in time of sickness, and in times of good health. Confess with your mouth that I can always do it. Without holiness you cannot see Me. As it is in the beginning, so it is now. What I started in the beginning, Jesus Christ came to shed more light on it for you to be sure of what you should do. What is perversion? What will happen to some people will be worse than that of Sodom and Gomorrah. Bring all the tithes, bring all the offerings so there can be meat in My house. Do you know why the sin of fornication and adultery is rampant? Because nobody cares for them. Those who have do not care for those in need. You see I am clean and neat, I put on fine clothe, maybe I have not eaten, you don’t know. Then you are asking me to bring money. I have to go and look for it and give it to you. My children have mind to worship Me even when they have nothing, but pastors become their obstacles because of money. I am glad when they say let us go to the house of God. In My house there is fullness of joy. In My house there is liberty. Why is it now they turn everything upside down? Do you know My word is moving many of My children? But a man of God is stopping them. They will put people in key positions because of money. The person after My heart, that when he prays I will quickly come down, they will not put him in that position. Our God is not a God of poverty because they forget how that person made his money. The one who is steadfast in Me will now be discouraged. They forget money is the root of all evil. Start from Genesis to Revelation, study about rich men and study about little children, you will see what it tells you. Holiness, holiness! Why can’t people do what is good! Why can’t they follow what is right! Why do they believe falsehood? Don’t mind him, our God is not a wicked God. Is it not the same God who says don’t lie, don’t steal? Why do people believe in lies? What do I tell you about My servants who are not preaching My truth? I will punish them. When you plant good seed, you will reap eternal life. When you plant an evil seed, you will reap hellfire. Teach a child the way he should go have two ways. It’s either you teach him good or bad way. When you teach a child good way, you as parents will enjoy it. He will give you peace. Just as I enjoy My children, those who do My will. When you teach your child the way of obedience early, you will enjoy it. When you teach a child bad way or evil way, disgrace, bitterness, sorrow and death will follow it. When evil is pregnant, it gives birth to evil. Can snake give birth to a crocodile or a pig? Snake gives birth only to snake. In human life, the whole heart is scattered because of evil. There is only one thing that can make the heart to be focused. What is that thing? Holy Spirit! That is only if you allow Him to enter your heart. Without Holy Spirit you can do nothing. Some say they don’t believe in the Holy Spirit. What happened to Solomon? What did he ask for? Without Holy Spirit, he could not do what he did. When he settled the dispute between those two women, people knew it was not ordinary wisdom. As that woman was shouting and screaming, people thought the child belonged to her. Without Holy Spirit, Solomon couldn’t have judged correctly. Seek Holy Spirit everyday. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, if you have One, you have All. Among them, there is no quarrel. I that is talking to you, the Almighty Father, I am Spirit. If you cannot see Me face to face, what then are they preaching? I told you before I am a Breeze. Can anyone see Me? Everything is spiritual. When the children of Israel were leaving Egypt, what happened at the Red Sea? I am the God of signs and wonders. What happened when they needed food? Did it just happen like that?

A demon is like bacteria that you can only see in a microscope. There is sin you commit that allow demons to enter and remain in you, especially the sin of fornication and adultery. Once they enter your body, it takes My grace to expel them. They will give birth to children and grandchildren inside your body. As long as you refuse to confess your sin, they will be there for ages. But when you confess, then you break their power. They can possess a woman's womb, so she will not have children. She can get married, they don't care, as long she refuses to confess. This is why I always cry for holiness. Have you heard a man of God who wanted to cast out the demon and he was killed? When there is demon in you, how can you cast out demons? No one is free from sin. The demons can see it and they will attack straight away. This is why holiness is very important.


Forever, O Lord;
Your word is settled,
In Heaven; it is settled.

If I could make this earth, if I could prepare this earth beautiful like this for My children; if I could make it beautiful like this, everything they need, everything they want; if I could make it beautiful for them here on earth; what about the one I prepared for them in My throne My son! I’m asking you. That one is extraordinarily glorious. What of the one in My throne? Imagine! So, they want to eat, they want to die, they just want to perish here, and they forget about My throne. Are you hearing Me? They forget about My throne. Those who have ears, let them hear that this earth is not the end of it. This is not the end of the journey. This is not the end. There is still a beautiful place I prepared for them. I am looking at them! I am looking at them! They are running after what to eat, they are running after money, they are running after wealth, they are running after riches. They forget about the place I prepared for them. They forget about the place I prepared for them.

Have you heard about the roads, the two roads? Have you heard about the roads? Yes. The wide one leads to destruction while the narrow one leads to eternal life. The one that leads to destruction and the one that leads to eternal life; isn’t it? Yes. The one that leads to destruction is very wide, very wide and very wide. A lot of people are on the road, they are on the journey. They don’t even search themselves that this road that I’m following, that is very wide, that is very straight and wide, as it’s smooth like this, I don’t even know what will be the end. They don’t even ask themselves, they are just following it; they are just following it. Millions of them, they are on the road. They are on that journey without even checking themselves. Am I in the correct place; this road I’m following without nothing holding me, nothing even touches me, I’m just following it; let me check myself; let me look back; let me look at myself; let me look at those people following behind me; it’s like all of us are the same. No! Let me turn back because I don’t like this way. They don’t even check themselves My son. They are just following it. They are just following it. All of them who follow that road are the same. However, the road that leads to eternal life, how does it look like? Very narrow. You cannot turn yourself. Very narrow! You need to bend because you know where you are going to, you don’t want to miss it. How many of My children want to go through that road? I’m asking you question. How many of them? Very few. Even those who started in the beginning that said they want to follow that road, by the end of the day, they said they cannot. Let me follow that road, the wide one that nothing touches me; because on this one, it’s like I’m not comfortable; I’m not comfortable at all; yes, I’m not comfortable on this road; let me follow that road that people are following that nothing disturbs them; I’m following this road and something disturbs me; I can’t turn, I can’t do anything, I can’t even talk; I can’t even enjoy myself; what kind of road is this; let me follow that one that everybody is following. They forget that that road leads to where? Destruction! Destruction!

You are on that road and you’re still asking Me, my Father doesn’t even answer me. You don’t even answer me. You don’t even answer me. Was I not the One who laid down the law? I’m asking you. I was the One who made the laws. My grace! A lot of them are still on that road here on earth, they are drinking, they are eating, they are doing everything, even when they call on Me, I still answer. It’s My grace. Isn’t it? My grace! But I’m still warning, I’m still shouting, I’m still speaking for them to change. If they don’t change, they know where they’ll find themselves. That time, they will not say I did not say and they didn’t hear. Because a lot of them heard, they just want to follow that road. They want to eat, quench and perish here on earth.


Sister, are you ready;
for the judgement day;
are you ready!

Brother are you ready,
for the judgement day;
are you ready!

Heaven is real. Are you hearing Me? Heaven is real! This is not they told me or they didn’t tell me. Heaven is real. Either good or bad, you have to follow one, you have to choose one. Which one are you going to follow? Choose one out of it. Choose one out of it. Choose one out of the two. There is gain, there is profit in it. Are you hearing Me? There is profit. There is profit. Yes; there is profit. You know how to pray, you know how to perform miracles, you know how to see vision, you know how to talk, you know how to do everything; but are you on that road! I’m asking. Are you on that road? Search yourself. Search yourself. The time is coming, very near, very close, very close more than before. It’s very close. Without deceiving anybody, it’s very close. It’s very close. It’s very close. It’s very close. Which one do you choose? Which one do you choose?


I will follow the shining light;
I will follow the shining light;
I will follow the shining light;
Jesus is the shining light.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Choose which one you want to follow. There is gain in it. Are you following what they are saying? Are you following what they are doing? The word is there; the word is settled.

Can they do it alone? I created the earth beautifully for My children to live. I know everything that follows. I know I can do it. I know I can carry their loads. I know I can fight their battle for them. I know I can do everything. But just only one thing; follow Me; follow Me. Follow the right way. Listen to My voice. Follow what is good. That’s all.

Do you think Jesus Christ just came like that? I’m asking you. Why did He come? To save us from our sins. And do what? To preach My Gospel to those who didn’t have knowledge of Me, to preach My word, to spread My Good News. Isn’t it? This is reality, this is physical. Do you know in the time of old, when My son Moses brought My children out of Egypt, many of them couldn’t see Me. Isn’t it? They couldn’t see Me. They couldn’t see Me. Even when they heard My voice, they shivered, they were very scared. Am I lying? Jesus Christ came, they saw Him real. Isn’t it? They saw Him real! He performed signs and wonders real, for My children to turn their hearts from their evil ways. To turn from their evil ways! This is reality. For a child to enter a woman’s womb without her sleeping with any man, do you think it’s easy? I’m asking you question! Because it’s very easy when you’re reading it; Mary conceived, she did this one, and she did that one. I put things together for it to come to reality. Face to face, you could touch Jesus. Isn’t it? You could touch Jesus, but you can’t touch Me. You could touch Jesus, you could feel Him, He could talk. That was why He came through man, through flesh; for you to believe in Me. What happened at the end? They killed Him. Isn’t it? They buried Him. Isn’t it? What else happened to Him? He resurrected! It’s a reality, for My children to believe in Me because seeing is believing. Yet, they still chose to follow their evil way. They still chose that evil. Everything will fail, but My word will never fail. Can My word fail? It will never fail. My word will never fail. It is settled. That is why I always say, preach My word raw, don’t minus from it, and don’t add to it. Teach My word, those who have ears, let them ear.

I know how to do it, I know how to perform miracles, I know how to heal, and I know how to deliver. Search yourself. Search yourself! It’s not that they told me or they didn’t tell me; because you know the truth. You know it; yes! I will judge you at the end. I will judge you because I have your record. Are you hearing Me? I have your record. Don’t deceive yourself. I have your record and I will open it for you. When I look into everything, if you pass, yes, you will be with Me. If you fail, you know where you’ll find yourself. It’s not like He didn’t tell me or He told me; because you know the truth. You know it. You know what is good, you know what is bad. You know it. Even in your heart, when you do it right, you know that you are doing it right. This is the word of my Father; this is what my Father says I should do; this is what He says I shouldn’t do. Because when you’re doing it, you know you’re doing it right. If you’re a pastor, a man of God, when you’re preaching it right, you know you’re preaching it right. If you’re not doing it right, you know it yourself. If you’re just doing it to convince people of this world because of what you want, because of what you want to eat; you know it yourself that you’re not doing it right. You know you have failed. You know you’ve done what? You have failed. Yes; because you know you’re not doing the work of the Father, you’re not doing what the Father asked you to do. You know you have failed.

My son, don’t let anybody deceive you. Are you hearing Me? Don’t let anybody deceive you. Don’t let anybody deceive you. The one you know it’s the truth, apply it to My children. Tell them. Don’t let anybody deceive you. Are you hearing Me? Don’t let anybody deceive you. The one you know, the truth, tell them. I have told you before. Apply the truth, tell them. Those who want to hear, let them hear. Those who want to do it, let them do it – (the truth). Those who don’t want to hear, just leave them alone. Are you hearing Me? All of them, they are always on the same side, the side of destruction. However, there are many of My children, they are still holding Me firm, they are still following My will. No matter how it is, I will never miss it; I will follow this road My Father asked me to follow; I will follow it; I will teach it; if they like, let them kill me; if I die, let me die for my Father. They are still following Me. Are you hearing Me? They are still following Me. They are still following Me. They are still doing My will. They don’t follow these worldly things that will perish with it. Do you know how many years they’ve been preaching this Gospel? Do you know how many years? Since Jesus Christ departed, can you count the years until now? They are still preaching it, but evil continues to do what? Evil continues to increase. That is why I said, the one you know you can do, do it. Are you hearing Me? Don’t let anybody deceive you. Don’t let anybody deceive you, because the things of this world will perish with it.

If you sow bountifully, what will happen? You will reap bountifully. If you do good, you do it for yourself; because as time goes on, you will have the reward. If you do bad, you do it for yourself; because you will also have the reward. Preaching, preaching, preaching; talking, talking, talking; everything we are saying it’s all about Me. You know how to speak grammar, you know how to preach; everything it’s about Me and My kingdom. Many of My children don’t know how to speak English, they use their language to preach, and they are still doing good. Those who hear it are also doing good. That is why this word of God is translated into so many languages for you to understand what the bible says. It’s all about Me. It’s all about Me. At least, you must come from somewhere if you are not English. You won’t say you didn’t hear. If you are from Sri Lanka, there is a bible in Sinhalese or Tamil language. If you are from Germany, there is a bible in German language. If you are from Italy, there is a bible in Italian language. How much more, you will tell Me you don’t hear that language. They translated it into so many languages, which, when you read you can understand.

Evil is piling up everyday. Evil is piling up everyday. I told you before, there will be an evil rain. Isn’t it? I told you before. It will fall in different-different dimensions, and you will see it. You will see it. You will see it. Those who choose Me to be their Shelter, those who choose Me to be their God, those who choose Me that it’s only Me, I will shelter them. I told you before, isn’t it? I will shelter them. I will shelter them. That day, if you can help yourself, then help yourself. You forget about Me, you ignore Me, you don’t count Me as anything. But when trouble comes, you call upon Me; I will say I don’t know you, because you said you don’t know Me. Then when you call, I don’t know you. I don’t know you. I don’t know you. Who are you? You are calling Me; who are you! If you follow Me, if you do My will, if you call Me in the time of trouble, I will do what? I will answer. I will answer. I will not forsake you. I will even answer more than you expect. Because I am the Mighty Man in battle. I am the Mighty Man in battle. I am the Authority. Nobody challenges My word. If I say stop, you must stop. I am the Authority. All powers belong to Me. I am the God of hope. I am the God of joy. I am the God of liberty. When I set you free, then you are free. Nobody has right to hold you down. When I give it to you, nobody can take it away from you.

Commune in My word, meditate in My word, study it day and night. Do what the word asks you to do; do it. Whatever you are looking for, you will have it. My Father said I should do this, He said I shouldn’t do this; He said if I do this, this is what will happen to me; let me follow what my Father asked me to do. That is all. Without stress and without tears. He said I should leave this sinful way; I shouldn’t do this; He said this one is not right, that I should follow this way; I will follow the way my Father asked me to follow. That is all! What else again? You are swimming in sin, you are drinking inside sin, you see evil you follow it, and you are still looking for your blessing. You cannot serve two gods together! Are you hearing Me? You cannot serve two gods together. Don’t you know that sin has its own master? It has its own master that commands it, that controls it. Don’t you believe Me? Of course! After all, He doesn’t see me; does He sees me; let me do this one. I am seeing you! I even see you more than you think. You can only deceive man, you can’t deceive Me. You can’t deceive Me. You can’t deceive Me. You can only deceive man, because I search every heart. I know it before you do it.

If you believe in Me, believe in My truth, believe in My word. You will receive it and enjoy it. Are you hearing Me? Yes, believe in My truth, believe in My word, you will receive it and you will enjoy it. All powers belong to Me. All powers belong to Me. You believe in Me, you trust in Me that nobody, no any evil will befall you, no any witches and wizards can do you any harm because you trust in Me. Yes, if they are coming, I will raise a war. Yes! Because you trust in Me that, that power can’t do you anything, before they come I will stand. Yes, I will disgrace that hand. Because you trust in Me, you hold Me that I’m the only Way.

Do you know what happened in the case of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego? Because they trusted in Me that I could rescue them, and even if I didn't rescue them. Then what happened? You rescued them. That faith is very rare. Are you hearing Me? That faith it’s not easy. It's only in a few of My children you can see that kind of faith now. Very few of them! Let me die if I want to die; let me die for the word of my Father; let me die for the truth. Many of My children who call themselves pastors cannot stand. Are you hearing Me? They cannot stand! They cannot stand. They cannot stand for what happened to Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. They cannot stand. You see fire coming on your way: can I stand; what am I doing; let me run; I'm not even seeing the Jesus I’m calling; please let me run. It’s not easy. The faith of Abraham is not easy. Are you hearing Me? The faith of Abraham is not easy. I try every heart. It's not easy. It's just a few of My children who will say: Yes, I will stand; no matter what the temptation, no matter how the tribulation, I will not disobey my Father, even if I'll die, let me die; I will not go back; I will not go back because I know there is a reward for me; I don't want to miss it, that place, I’m going there. It's not easy. Are you hearing Me? It’s not easy. Because riches and wealth are their master. Am I going to die and leave all these things; all these amenities. They choose it as their master. They choose riches and wealth as their king. You cannot serve two kings together. Can you? You cannot serve two kings together.

Where was the hospital that Jesus Christ used to visit when He was on earth? No hospital. Are you sure no hospital? Yes, I’m sure. What about all the apostles and the disciples? I mean the hospital where they registered to take immunisation and diagnoses? There is no record of any. Are you sure? Yes, I’m sure. You are lying. That's the truth. That means they were not sick. That's right. That is what I want to know. That means there is no record in the Bible that the apostles visited a certain hospital, where they used to go, to take care of themselves. That's correct. From today, I want you to apply the faith of My children in the time of old. Are you hearing Me? The faith of My apostles, the disciples that they applied in the time of old that it’s only Me, no other person. Nothing like herbs, nothing like medication; it’s only my Father. I want you to apply that faith from today. That faith, very strong faith, I want you to apply it from today. I cannot serve my Father and be sick. I cannot serve my Father and evil befall me. I want you to apply that faith. When you speak to the mountain, I command you to move, it will move. This sickness, I command you to disappear, it will disappear. I want you to have that faith. It is faith. It is faith. It is faith. It is faith, it's not magic, it is faith. When you apply that faith, people will look at you as if it's magic. It's not magic, it is faith. I can do it, I believe in my Father. And you will do it. It is faith. It is just a connection, it is faith. When you are weak, then you begin to doubt your mind. How can it happen? Immediately you doubt, then you fall. No matter how powerful that demon may be, when you say demon leave, it will leave; when you say sit down, it will sit down, and it will obey you. Many of My children, they are serving Me, they are calling upon Me nursing all kinds of illnesses. If you're serving Jesus, you will be like Jesus. Jesus didn't take any medication. He didn't attend any hospital for treatment. Why can't you be like Jesus? Faith is failing you. Why are you weak? Is it because of the things of this world; is it because of your riches and your wealth; is it because of the food you want to eat? You can't fast, you can't do anything and you want to be like Jesus. How many days did Jesus go for fasting and prayers? Tell some people to fast for just three days, everybody will know. They will hold the trumpet immediately and begin to blow it; I’m fasting; I’m fasting. Everybody will know. How will your prayers be answered? Because, as you're blowing the trumpet, demons are with you there asking you, what are you fasting for; do this. You are fasting and you're in sin. You know you'll come out of your problem as you're fasting. He will add another problem to it again. Why can't you keep it to yourself? Why can't you be in loneliness? Why can't you be in a quiet place, begin to talk to your Father? Keep your mouth shut. Begin to do good while you're fasting, begin to pray, and it will be well with you. Because the devil doesn't want you to come out of that problem; he wants you to die in it; so you're fasting; he will carry another problem and give it to you. But you think you're still fasting, you don't know the devil has given you another problem that is more than the one you're fasting for. You don't know something else is already inside you, but you think you're still fasting. Satan will tempt you. It is there you will exchange words with somebody. He will do one thing or the other, so you don't get what you want. But you will not know, you'll never know.

What did I say concerning Jesus Christ, the disciples and hospital? You said the apostles trusted in you and didn't visit any hospital. Were they Jesus? No. They were not Jesus, but they believed in Jesus, and they had the faith. And they didn't commit any sin! I want you to understand every each word I'm telling you. Are you hearing Me? When you commit sin, the devil afflicts you. Run away from sin. Are you hearing Me? Run away from sin. Immediately you commit sin, they will afflict you in one way or another. If you don't commit sin, they will not see any way to afflict you. Run away from sin. Run away from sin. Sin is a reproach. It's like you, wanting to climb a very big and tall tree without any branch. How can you climb it? It is difficult. But if it has branches, you can see something to hold on to. That's sin and devil for you. If you look at an egg, it doesn't have any hole; no ant can enter inside. However, if there is a crack in it, an ant can enter and begins to eat it. That is sin and you. Run away from sin. It shall be well with you. Run away from sin. Run away from sin. Tell My children about sin. Sin is not good. Sin brings sickness. Sin will make you not to reach your goal. Sin will make you deny your Father. Because when you're committing sin, it's very sweet. However, when you're facing the consequence, you will say my Father doesn't see me. When He warned you not to commit sin, you still went on to do your will. Now you're blaming the Father. Was it the Father who said you should go and commit sin? Because it was sweet when you were doing it; you committed that sin. When the affliction comes, you begin to say why me, the Father doesn't see me. Did the Father ask you to commit that sin? Yes, there are lots of healing, lots of deliverance everywhere. As there are lots of healing and deliverance, so also there are lots of sicknesses. Am I lying? Yes, it's happening there, they heal, they deliver. Yet, there are lots of sicknesses everywhere. Why? Can you give Me an answer? Because of sin. Yes! Is it not better for you to say don't commit sin again than for you to send somebody for deliverance? It is better to tell that person not to commit sin again; because when you deliver that person, the sickness will come back again because of sin. It's very easy for you to say don't commit sin again than for you to go for deliverance, to run after miracle. Run after holiness, don't run after miracle, because if there is holiness, there will not be sickness, and there won't be any need running after miracle. It's happening there, they are healing there, why can’t you forsake sin, so you will not run after miracle, because when you are healed, the sickness will come back again because you’ll still commit sin. Many people are running after healing and miracle, yet sickness is accumulating because they keep on sinning. Yes, I can use My faith to heal you, but it's better to tell you the implication because you'll still go on and do the same thing. When Jesus was on this earth, what did He always say whenever He healed somebody? Go and sin no more! That is all. Go and sin no more! That will be the end of your affliction from the devil, when you stop sinning. The devil knows when you commit sin, he can use it against you. You will suffer sickness, and you will suffer lots of humiliation. At the end of the day, you’ll still miss it. You will suffer everything here, and you will miss My throne. You think the devil doesn't know what he's doing. He knows what he's doing. He doesn't want you to reach your goal. However, when you're committing sin, it suits you and you said, let me just do it. Immediately you do it, he will hold you and you can't come out of it. Then you'll realise it and call upon Me. I will forgive you, but don't do it again. Then Satan has no power over you because you've confessed your sin, you will be out of his cage. I told you before. Whatever you do in your closet that you can't tell anybody is a sin and Satan will use it against you. He will begin to torture you. You are there, you can't say it out because he'll not allow you to say it out. He will continue to torture you. That is the devil for you. Yes, I said it before.

Worry, worry, worry; trouble, trouble, trouble. After the departure of Jesus Christ, all the disciples were doing good, performing healing. Have you heard any of them said oh my business is dying, let me quickly run and put it in order, I'll come back? Have you heard anyone like that? I’m asking you question! No, not one. That means they followed Me with their heart; they followed Me with everything they had; they followed Me with their all. Anywhere they entered, any city they entered, how did people recognise them; what did they say about them? They said they were like Jesus. In what way? Their way of life was exactly like that of Jesus. No one spoke evil of them; no one said they converted another man's property to their own; no one said they coveted what didn't belong to them. That means everybody liked to follow them. However, it is Jesus of yesterday, today and forever. The same Jesus of yesterday, the same Jesus of today and the same Jesus of tomorrow.

Where did I start My preaching? The things of this world. The things of this world! That is My words for you today. I started with it, and I end with it; for you to know that I mean every word I say. The things of this world will perish with this world. If you're not for Me, you're against Me. Tell them, anybody that wants to serve Me should serve Me with his whole heart. He should forget everything. I asked you how you see this earth. Is that not where I started My discussion with you? I created everything good for you. Did you bribe Me before I did it? He (Jesus) came, He met it, and He left it. Are you hearing Me? He came, He met it, and He left it. He focused because He knew where He’s going was better than the things of this world. He was not trapped down by the things of this world. My peace I give to you. Learn more about Me.

If you are reading this and what you believe is completely different from this, I charge you to go back to your Bible and read it again. God lives in heaven above and also in the heart of those who are contrite and lowly, the humble. He does not dwell in a house built by mere men. He may decide to put His glory there, only if He chooses to. If you don’t know this, you’d better get it now. See Isaiah 57:15, 66:1-2.

Jesus came, He preached about God and His kingdom, which is the Gospel. He preached about hellfire. This is the only foundation God laid for us to follow. The disciples followed it and they ended well. Whoever fails to follow this foundation will never end well. There are two destinations, heaven and hellfire. Either you like it or not, you are going to one of them. If you don’t choose to go to heaven, automatically you’ve chosen hell. It is automatic! Yes, the things of this world will perish with this world. As it was in the beginning, so it is now. The same God who destroyed those who disobeyed Him in the past is still the same God today. Jesus is right there in the Father’s throne, sitting at His right hand, interceding for us, so that when we sin, the Father’s anger will not sweep us away. Why won’t you do the Father’s will today! He stated them clearly above. I have chosen not to own anything until I’ll leave this world. Not a house or a piece of land. If I manage to own anything, it won’t be mine, but for the Ministry. I desire a mansion that is not built by man’s hands, but built by the hands of the Almighty Himself. So also there is a crown awaiting me, if I finish the race. You can choose today to obey the Father with all your heart. It shall be well with you.

If you have no relationship with God, why don’t you surrender your heart to Him today, so He may wash you with the blood of His Son Jesus Christ! All your sins shall be forgiven and you’ll become a new creature. Do you want to accept Him today? Say this little prayer.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on me. I realise I’m a sinner because I've been living for myself. I come to You now. Forgive me all my sins, both great and small. Wash me with your precious blood. Deliver me from the power of sin. Take over my life and lead me to glory. I will serve you for the rest of my life. Thank you Lord Jesus for you died for me. Let Your Holy Spirit come upon me now. (Amen).

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